Sept 16 – Fresno State University

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Sept 16 - Fresno State University

While visiting college campuses, we’ve found that access to “free speech” areas are not always so free, at least to opinions which promote virtue and reject sin as our current campaign for traditional marriage does. Perhaps “controlled speech” areas would be a more fitting name for these designated “free speech” zones.

However, at Fresno State University the red tape was minimal and within a half hour, Mr. Cesar Franco showed up waving a signed slip issued by the office of Student Activities granting us permission distribute literature on campus. Good news: now we could reach a large portion of Fresno State University’s 22,000 students.

And the simple “free speech” permission slip proved to be precious. I’ll explain.

Right after praying our initial three Hail Marys, the vice-provost of the university showed up. Frustration was written all over her face as she approached. Very curtly, she said: “Do you have permission to be here?” Slowly pulling the slip of paper out of my blazer pocket, I informed her that, yes, “we do have permission.”

Her eyes darted from one side of the page to the other. “This was issued today?!” she said somewhat surprised. “Who signed it?” The signature was indecipherable: “The lady in the Student Activities office signed it for us,” I said, “but I can’t make out her name.”

She just stared, returned the permit and walked away. I hope the lady in the Student Activities office still has her job. You never know.

Students overwhelmingly receptive

Unlike UC Berkeley, most students at Frenso State University took our flier, “10 Reasons Why Homosexuality is Harmful and Must be Opposed.”

At a distance, I saw Mr. Cesar Franco surrounded by about 20 students. Was it a debate? I went over and discovered that they were intently listening and agreeing with his presentation on the importance of traditional marriage. “They say homosexuality is genetic, but it’s not. They choose to be that way,” explained one student to his friends. I took advantage to inform them that Dr. LeVay, the doctor the homosexual movement uses to supposedly prove the existence of a homosexual gene, flatly denies that his scientific research can substantiate such a claim.

The best example to prove that homosexuality is not genetic is to explain that identical twins who share the same genetic code often behave differently: one may be homosexual, the other not. Also, many who have fallen into the sin of homosexuality have recovered and now live happily.

A protestant preacher was also using the free speech area. He incorporated something like this into his speech as students streamed by: “Listen students, listen to what these Catholics are saying. One man and one woman… one man and one woman. Read their flier. Listen to them…”

Our day was most successful.

Soon, we will be in Bakersfield. Please continue to pray for our tour.

Some of our readers have sent generous contributions to keep this tour going. I want to personally thank each one of them for their sacrifice and support. To keep us on the road for traditional marriage, click here to send a gift.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

From the inbox:

I have been following your journey via the Internet. God bless you for your caravan for traditional marriage! I especially admire your resolve in going to Berkeley where they certainly do encourage “free speech” as long as it’s speech they agree with! I know that you are being protected by Our Lord, so I feel confident you will be safe and touch many people with your message.

— Daniel N.
Pasadena, CA

Very proud of your efforts. Keep up the good work knowing GOD is on your side.

How to Support the Caravan

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