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Jewelry Shop Economics

Quite by accident, I came to frequent a jewelry store that would help me take care of those small problems with watches that can be so vexing. I was tired of department store attendants who could not replace batteries or … Continue reading

The Big Pile of Work That Must Get Done

In face of a recession that never recedes, the assumption of a broad and growing prosperity for the middle class is in doubt. Gone are the heady days of the post-Cold War triumphalism of the nineties when optimistic observers believed … Continue reading

‘Return to Order’ Earns Ninth Book Award

CHANDLER, AZ (Nov. 20, 2014) – The newest award earned by Return to Order underscores the author’s message that America needs to find its moral compass now more than ever. The book, written by John Horvat II, vice president for … Continue reading

Stop the Madness of Un-Thanksgiving

As we gear up for the Thanksgiving holidays, many are preparing to engage in a strange new ritual that is crowding out the traditional turkey and pumpkin pie. The ritual, of course, is the extension of Black Friday shopping into … Continue reading

Four Ways to Overturn the Rule of Money

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, a change in society’s perception of value began to take place. The almighty dollar became the de facto measure of worth, and factors that could not be quantified monetarily began to get phased … Continue reading

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