Return to Order

Return to Order Celebrates 20,000 Milestone

CHANDLER, AZ (April 2014) – Author John Horvat II reached another exciting milestone with 20,000 copies of his first indie-published book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society—Where We’ve Been, How We Got Here, and … Continue reading

China’s Copper Caper Threatens America

World copper prices are tumbling again and fingers are pointing at China’s ailing financial system. China is sitting upon huge stockpiles of copper that it uses not as a commodity but a financial instrument. This copper scheme that has seen … Continue reading

The Rush of Twitter-Down Economics

It is difficult to get a handle on what exactly is happening in our troubled economy. Everyone feels the malaise but few know how to explain it. Some say the economy is getting slightly better; others say it is getting … Continue reading

Return to Order in Charleston

Charleston, and the book Return to Order, seem to fit together naturally. South Carolina’s premier city represents a traditional order of things that attracts people. Its splendid townhouses and restored downtown are proof that this order is not a relic … Continue reading

The Bank That Trust Built

In writing about economy, I have frequently denounced what I call frenetic intemperance. Frenetic intemperance is a term to describe a restless and reckless spirit inside certain sectors of modern economy that foments a drive to throw off legitimate restraints … Continue reading

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