Radical Environmentalists Demand Compensation: You Pay

Radical Environmentalists Demand Compensation: You PayWith the close of the Bonn climate change conference, radical environmentalists seem unfazed by the failure of their agenda to redistribute global wealth. However, that has not stopped them from demanding your money to pay for anything they deem caused by anthropogenic (man-made) climate change. They insist upon de-carbonizing the global economy and increasing the number of people around the world covered by climate disaster insurance with an unlimited look back period and no future caps.

Climate disaster insurance?

Climate change proponents are demanding that the U.S. and other developed nations insure them against losses from natural disasters. This has been proposed by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) that began during the Rio Earth Summit in 1992 and which gave birth to the Conference of the Parties (COP).

COP has been ratified by 196 States. It takes as a given that climate change is anthropogenic and assigns all responsibility to industrialized nations. According to COP, the responsibility to correct it lies with the industrialized nations.

One cannot argue that industrialized nations have caused all pollution since they are not the only ones who pollute. However there is little proof that mankind has had any measurable influence over the climate let alone caused or even worsened natural disasters. How can restitution be discussed when there is no proof of a crime? Worry not. Facts have never stood in the way of the climate change agenda.

Radical leftists demand that “rich” nations must pay “poor” nations for the possible damage caused by the climate. This is an egalitarian demand and a crime against justice. There are two striking problems with this proposed “compensation.” The first is that there is no conclusive proof of anthropogenic influence upon the climate.

Climate change models that have been the basis for the global warming narrative have been proven wrong. Researchers Dr. John Raymond Christy and Roy Warren Spencer PhD from the University of Alabama found 95 percent of these models to be clearly inaccurate, many of which have been used by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).1 Secondly, how can anyone possibly affirm that a natural disaster was measurably worsened because of human influence?

By creating broad guidelines, climate change proponents assume the right to judge the impact caused by climate change: past, present or future. While lacking proof, they propose compensation for developing nations such as China, Brazil and India. Ironically, these three countries are contributing their fair share of CO2 to the global atmosphere.

Harjeet Singh, a campaigner for Action Aid declared, “demanding compensation and reparations for the loss and damage caused due to rich nations’ inaction remains the only pivot to hold them to account. It will also drive action on mitigation and provide timely resources for adaptation to prevent further loss and damage.”2

COP19 took advantage of the crisis created by Typhoon Haiyan, that devastated the Philippines during November of 2013, and invented the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM). This was done to distribute aid to people who have suffered “loss and damage associated with the impacts of climate change, including extreme events and slow onset events.”3 This wording leaves the door wide open for abuse and WIM is using it as a pretext to re-distribute the wealth of industrial nations; a socialist dream come true.

WIM will become a global welfare department, funded by industrial nations, giving handouts to whoever it wishes and bankrupting any nation whom it considers to have participated in climate change.

It is stunning to read the never-ending emotional rhetoric about developing nations having caused poverty through climate change. News is never published about how morally corrupt political policies such as communism and socialism have impoverished nations like Russia, North Korea, Cuba, Argentina, and Venezuela.

To seriously fight poverty, the first step would be to condemn communism and socialism. The greatest act of charity is to establish order in the realm of principles. Impoverishing industrialized nations by forcing climate disaster insurance for loss and damages compensation will only cause everyone to live in the same abject misery as those climate alarmists feign to help.


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