“Liberty, Equality, Homosexuality?”

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“Liberty, Equality, Homosexuality?”The French Revolution of 1789 was based on the ideological philosophy of the Enlightenment summarized in the famous trilogy, “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” By imposing full equality on society, the advocates of this philosophy sought to bring about complete freedom and an idyllic brotherhood among men.

The Guillotine’s “Fraternity”

As is well known, the immediate effects of that equality were the execution of King Louis XVI, his sister Princess Elizabeth and Queen Marie Antoinette; thousands of nobles were guillotined; clergy were persecuted and massacred or had to go underground. The peasants of the Vendee who rose up in defense of altar and throne suffered a veritable genocide and their region was devastated by General Turreau’s “infernal columns.”1

The period of Terror imposed by French revolutionaries in the name of equality was emulated in later times, as can be seen in the genocides carried out by the Nazis and by Communists in Russia, China and Cambodia. For Khmer Rouge revolutionaries, to be an intellectual or even looking like one by wearing glasses was reason enough to kill you.2

Absolute Equality Destroys Liberty

Absolute equality destroys freedom and prevents fraternity because it is a utopia; an ideological myth that runs counter to human nature.

Although men are equal in their essence, they are unequal in their accidents, such as talent, willpower, intelligence, etc. Liberty and fraternity are only possible when there is mutual respect, which in turn requires recognizing of these accidental differences. The only way to impose this utopian equality is through a fierce dictatorship.

After the French Revolution came the secular and egalitarian world of our days; and communism was the result of taking the principles espoused in 1789 to their ultimate consequences. Indeed, if all inequality is bad, then why accept economic inequalities?3

Lenin made a meaningful comparison between the French and the Communist Revolutions: “The French revolution is called great because it … was an effective revolution which, after overthrowing the royalists, completely crushed them. And we shall do the same thing with the capitalist gentlemen; … their ‘freedom’ must be abolished, or curtailed. This will help to emancipate labor from the yoke of capital.”4

From the French Revolution to the Cultural Revolution

But when equality from the French Revolution trilogy is taken to its final consequences it goes beyond socio-political and economic egalitarianism and tends to destroy even inequality between sexes, serving as a basis for homosexual ideology.5

Large demonstrations against homosexual “marriage”—gathering more than 200,000 people—were held in France on November 17 and 18. We can see that the homosexual movement clearly sees their role in the cultural war. One of the most revealing banners in a homosexual counter-demonstration proclaimed “Liberty, Equality, Homosexuality,” making the logical connection between the principles of the French Revolution and the homosexual ideology.6

Such an adaptation of the French Revolution motto does not appear to be a sporadic event; it can be found on homosexual sites in France, Canada and Poland as well as in articles dealing with homosexuality.7 A photograph of a homosexual parade in Paris shows the same motto tattooed on the arm of a demonstrator.8

Socialism, Homosexuality and Violence

It is no wonder that socialist governments support the homosexual agenda, as is now the case in France where the Hollande Administration is seeking to impose homosexual “marriage.”

At the same time, the anarchic-feminist FEMEN, which is one of the most extreme movements of international socialism, recently demonstrated in support of homosexual “marriage” in France.

FEMEN’s provocative topless women activists who wear nun’s veils on their heads and sport blasphemous and obscene slogans written on their bodies, launched forth against families and children who were peacefully demonstrating in defense of traditional marriage and attacked them with tear gas.9

Although pictures and video footage clearly show the anarchists attacking demonstrators, who tried to stop and steer them away from the crowd, much of the French media turned reality on its head by presenting the semi-naked women as victims of the Catholic demonstrators. The socialist government was quick to condemn the Civitas Institute, which organized one of the demonstrations, threatening it with closure.10

Anarchic Sexual Movement

The FEMEN revolutionary movement originated in the Ukraine and has now spread to many countries. On its site it defines itself in the following manner:

“FEMEN – is the new Amazons, capable of undermining the foundations of the patriarchal world by their intellect, sex, agility, make disorder, bring neurosis and panic to the men’s world.

FEMEN – is an ideology of SEXTREMISM. FEMEN – is a new ideology of the women’s sexual protest presented by extreme topless campaigns of direct action.

FEMEN – is sextremism serving to protect women’s rights, democracy watchdogs attacking patriarchy, in all its forms: the dictatorship, the church, the sex industry.

The End of the Revolutionary Process

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira analyzes the historical process that has been destroying Christian Civilization using the Protestant Revolt and the French and Communist Revolutions in his essay Revolution and Counter Revolution.

He called them “The Three Revolutions,” which led to a “Fourth Revolution” represented by today’s Cultural War, which is undoubtedly spearheaded by the homosexual movement that denies natural law.11

At this final phase of the revolutionary process, the struggle has widened from the socio-political and economic sphere to the destruction of natural law. Allied with the homosexual movement, socialists seek to impose a state of affairs completely opposed to the dictates of natural morals, natural law and Christian law and to the true freedom of the children of God (Romans 8:21).

A Clash of Certainties

This struggle is above all one of ideas and a clash of certainties. It is a confrontation between revolutionary hatred against social hierarchy, morals and God on the one hand, and on the other, an intrepid proclamation of the truths of the faith, morals and the natural law by fearless Catholics ready to give their lives in defense of those truths.

In such a great struggle, we need the help of God’s grace through the intercession of the Blessed Mother more than ever. Her guiding hand will lead this struggle to the final victory even if we must go through tunnels of uncertainty and apparent defeat.

Let us remain always confident in Our Lady’s promise at Fatima, that finally her Immaculate Heart will triumph.


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