PERU: A Crowd of 500,000 March Against Abortion

PERU: A Crowd of 500,000 March Against AbortionIn a monumental march held in Lima on Sunday March 22, more than half a million Peruvians gathered to demonstrate their total rejection of abortion. According to the organizers, it was the largest march of its kind in Latin America. However, most of the media “failed to see it” … It would seem the media suffers from a visual impairment – both pathological and psychological – which prevents them from seeing great events in defense of family values.

This march is a fine example our Peruvian brothers give all families in the three Americas by peacefully taking to the streets to show their enthusiasm to defend innocent life from conception to natural death.

Although Peru, a nation of 30 million people of whom 26 million are Catholics, officially celebrates the “Day of the Unborn” on March 25 and its Constitution guarantees the right to life from conception to natural death, abortion here is considered legal in cases of severe malformation of the fetus or when there is a life-threatening risk to the mother.

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In a statement to the ACI Prensa news agency on March 24 of this year, Congressman Juan Diaz de Dios said: “Abortion is the most heinous crime that can be committed on earth; a crime against the most innocent and defenseless life. The State has an obligation under our Constitution to protect the unborn. We will speak up in Congress.”

Demonstrators also showed their rejection of same-sex “marriage” with phrases like: “God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve;” “God created man and woman;” “God did not create a third sex.”

On March 10, the Commission of Justice of the Peruvian Congress rejected a projected bill to legalize same-sex “marriage.” Some of the lawmakers who voted against the legislation attended the march.

It is interesting to note how the reaction against abortion is connected to that against same-sex “marriage.” Indeed, both are intimately related because they are unnatural practices that ruin the family.

Meanwhile, in Brazil’s Congress, Rep. Jean Wyllys, with the homosexual movement, recently proposed a new legislation (PL 882/15) to broaden legal abortion even further by “granting women the right to volunteer pregnancy termination through the national health system up until the 12th week of pregnancy” (Folha de S.Paulo, March 24, 2015. How can infanticide be recognized as a “right”?

On Twitter, the Congressman commented that “Abortion is now a forbidden subject in almost all areas.” No wonder! Abortion is a heinous crime perpetrated against innocent and helpless human beings.

Clearly, the sins of abortion and homosexuality go hand in hand. Both practices are condemned by the Church as serious transgressions of the Commandments and as sins that cry out to heaven and to God for vengeance.

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