Minimalist Phones Show that Less can be More

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Minimalist Phones Shows that Less can be More
Minimalist Phones Show that Less can be More

Ever since the release of the smartphone, many have considered the “dumb phone” obsolete. In our frenetic society, the thought of not immediately googling some fact or following a Facebook page is unimaginable. However, an undercurrent of resistance has appeared. People are rejecting smartphones. They have begun abandoning their smartphones in favor of a less complicated option called the “minimalist phone.”

Most would likely scoff at these individuals without understanding the reason for their decision. They point out that simple phones are outdated and unpractical. Perhaps the reason why people buy them is a lower price. They are left speechless when finding out that these call-and-text-only phones are often more expensive than smartphones. They ask themselves: why are these supposedly impoverished devices becoming increasingly popular?

Less is More

Purchasing a phone with fewer capabilities is not as absurd as it may sound. Practically speaking, we can get more done when the smartphone’s distractions are unavailable.

One business study shows that the average office worker wastes approximately one hour a day on non-work-related activities due to mobile device use. Such behavior harms both the employer and the employee. The company records a decline in production while the worker senses a reduction in self-control. Wasted time only increases when the worker returns home and is much more likely to give in to distractions.

By opting to use a phone without distractions, we put ourselves in a more productive environment. Rather than experiencing guilt for wasting time, we enjoy a sense of accomplishment for a well-ordered day.

A Return to Moral Restraint

The smartphone is more than distractive; it favors unrestraint and entitlement. The frenetic man of today believes that if something is available and obtainable, then he deserves it. Only he has the right to say what he can and cannot have.

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This creates a mindset in which the consumer seeks pleasure alone. Morality plays no part in economic dealings. A lack of moral restraint then leads to a disregard for good and evil. There is no longer a need to practice temperance or self-denial. This mindset contributes to the current moral and economic crisis in the modern world.

However, the growing popularity of the minimalist phone movement demonstrates that there are still those who desire a return to restraint and order. They are willing to use technology temperately. Society needs to realize that technology was created to serve us, not the other way around. People must see that morality is more important than money and that moral restraint is the proper defense against this mentality of instant gratification.

A Beacon of Hope

The decline of morality and the rise of frenetic intemperance of our consumer society has caused many faithful Catholics to lament the current state of humanity. The hyper-technological mindset appears so prevalent today that it has already declared victory.

Although a minor reaction, the minimalist phone shines as a refreshing beacon of hope. Although this development alone may not overcome the current social crisis, it is undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

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