Maryland Catholics Rallying in Scorching Heat Draw Tears from Cop

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“It’s about 100 degrees out here, but the fires of Hell are much hotter,” said Thomas, who was spiritually prepared to face the heat during a rosary rally for America at his state capital. “I was just thinking about how much Our Lord suffered, and then I thought, ‘You know? We could suffer a little bit.’” Notwithstanding the hot summer day in Annapolis, Maryland,  Catholics proved their determination to rally in prayer for their nation.
Maryland Catholics Rallying in Scorching Heat Draw Tears from Cop
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property (TFP) launched the “Mary, Mother of Mercy, Restore America” campaign in response to the present crisis. Teams of TFP volunteers are traveling throughout the nation to lead rosary rallies at each of the 50 state capitals. With a chaotic year ahead, America needs these prayers more and ever.

Shortly before the rally, TFP volunteer John Wagner encountered a lady who asked him if he was part of the rosary rally team. When he replied affirmatively, she said, “Thank you so much for doing this! I emailed everyone I know!”

Maryland Catholics Rallying in Scorching Heat Draw Tears from CopNear the State Capitol grounds, the team set up its banner and signs to face the capitol building across the street. At this moment, four TFP members brought a statue of Our Lady of Fatima in procession to the rally to the hymn of “Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above,” played on the bagpipes. Gradually, the number of participants increased, flanking the statue with rosaries at the ready.

Rosary Rallies for America

Before the Rosary, the TFP rally coordinator, John Ritchie, listed the intentions. “We gather at the capitol today to beseech God to grant our nation a true conversion.” He emphasized that, during the current confusion and facing an uncertain future, the three virtues that America needs the most are “Calm, courage, and confidence.”

Maryland Catholics Rallying in Scorching Heat Draw Tears from Cop
The Rosary prompted very favorable public reactions. A car drove with a lady who held her rosary out the window to show her union with the rally. Another lady read the banner, and then saw the statue of Our Lady. Slowing down, she said a quick prayer and made the Sign of the Cross before moving on.

Not too far into the event, police cars pulled up.  Three policemen, two of them black, parked their vehicles on the curb across the street and watched the rally. John Ritchie crossed the street and greeted them, and they accepted Saint Michael medals. One policeman, seeing it, turned to his two friends. “Did you get a medal yet?” he asked. They both patted their pockets nodding. He then turned to John and happily said, “OK, we all have one.”

Warning! A Virus Threatens America’s Future and Christian Civilization

Mr. Ritchie told them about the “Restore America” campaign, which includes praying for police officers. The policemen told of the great pressure and tension created by the media during the riots. They were heartened by the account of TFP’s pro-police campaigns, where members hold signs prompting passing cars to honk in support of the blue. On hearing this, the black policeman smiled, and his eyes began to tear up.
Maryland Catholics Rallying in Scorching Heat Draw Tears from Cop
During these times, when the order of the nation is under attack, America needs Catholics to take a public stand for Christian values. Now, more than ever, Americans need to brave the current storm with supernatural confidence in Divine Providence.  Like the Catholics in Annapolis, good men across America are rallying with courage.  It will take much more than 100-degree weather and hot sidewalks to stop them.

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