Lula Watch

Lula Watch: Vol.6 – No.4

The denunciation is strong. In part, the news was already known. However, the dangerous liaisons between the government of Brazil’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Colombia’s FARC terrorist movement now appear to be coming out into the open. … Continue reading

Lula Watch: Vol.6 – No.3

  The video above covers the invasion of private property by the Federal Police as they seek to clear the area of Brazilian citizens to make an Indian Reservation. The people are complaining about this brutal move. The farmers see … Continue reading

Lula Watch: Vol.5 – No.12

Cristina Kirchner, Foreign Policy and “Lula-Chavezism” Hugo Chavez’s interference in Argentine politics is taking on unparalleled characteristics. It remains to be seen how Argentines will react 1. Argentina’s presidential candidate, Cristina Kirchner, a current senator and wife of President Néstor … Continue reading

Lula Watch: Vol.5 – No.11

Brazil: Booing Lula, Lethargy and Healthy Reactions Up until now, most Brazilians have been discouraged by their inability to do something against the mounting problems that overwhelm them. Such paralysis has served as a protective shield for President Lula and … Continue reading

Lula Watch: Vol.5 – No.10

Uruguay of the Broad Front: Youth Exodus, Insecurity and Disenchantment Warning signs as symptoms abound of psychological and social disintegration of the country, in contrast with optimistic images presented by the ‘Front’ government Twenty-eight months after the heterogeneous leftist coalition … Continue reading

Lula Watch: Vol. VI, No. 2

Elections in Paraguay: A Bishop-Candidate Favors the So-called “Socialism of the Twenty-first Century” In a country where socialism without makeup causes horror, ambiguity, not radicalism, is the most disturbing instrument of the presidential candidate of the Alliance for Change 1. … Continue reading

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