Irish University Hosts Non-stop Blasphemy!

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In our globalized world, blasphemy can cross the oceans and airwaves with more ease than in previous ages. And that is now the case with the blasphemous art exhibit “Our Lady and Other Queer Santas,” by the self-avowed lesbian Alma Lopez, which will be on display at the University College Cork and is open to the general public.

As you know, the digital photo collage ‘Our Lady’ shows Our Lady of Guadalupe in a floral bikini, hands on hips, held up by a bare breasted angel. Shocking!!!

On June 24th, the University College Cork (Ireland) is hosting the blasphemous art exhibit “Our Lady and Other Queer Santas” as part of a conference on Hispanic Studies.

Tell the University College Cork (Ireland) how shocked you are by this.

At the same conference on Hispanic Studies, Alma Lopez will talk about “Our Lady and Other Queer Santas.

She will also sign copies of her blasphemous book called “Our Lady of Controversy: Alma Lopez’sIrreverent’ Apparition,” which has that same blasphemous and impure collage of Our Lady of Guadalupe on its cover.

The offenses against the Blessed Virgin Mary’s purity seem endless and in response, you and I must console Our Lady by offering Her our fervent prayers and most heartfelt acts of reparation.

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