How the Media Missed 1,100 pro-Police Rallies

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How the Media Missed 1,100 pro-Police Rallies
How the Media Missed 1,100 pro-Police Rallies

On November 13, the America Needs Fatima campaign held its November Public Square Rosary Rallies to beseech Saint Michael to intercede for our law enforcement officers. Rally captains responded to Our Lady’s call by hosting over 1,100 local events in the public square. Reports from all over the country testify to their resounding success. However, the media were the only ones that seem to have missed the story.

The rallies were spread throughout the country from Michigan to Texas and from New York to California. They were received with great enthusiasm by an appreciative public who value the service of these defenders of the peace. Best of all, the rallies encouraged the officers who often came by to show their appreciation for these prayers.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The rallies varied in size, but all are full of zeal and fervor. A rally captain in Algonac, Mich., registered eight participants while another captain on Canon City, Col. sent pictures with 26 prayer warriors. All experienced the joy of being public witnesses of the Faith and were encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive response in their communities.

Each rally featured a large banner with the words, “Saint Michael, protect our police so they can protect us!” This message made the purpose of the rally very clear to passersby and those in traffic.

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Topeka, Kansas
Topeka, Kansas

Francis in Topeka, Kans. holds monthly rosary rallies. He says he is always impressed by the massive support for police rallies. “People desire a return to order,” he said. “That’s why police rallies are so special. I counted over 400 honks in support of our rally. We need Saint Michael’s protection in these troubled times.”

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in York, Pennsylvania
York, Pennsylvania
Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Hollywood, Florida
Hollywood, Florida

“Wow!  Just…wow!  I recently retired after 30 years is South FL (police) and am humbled to see this!  I wore a Saint Michael’s medal on my vest and said the prayer every day before going into service.  I now pray it every day for my brothers and sisters still serving.
— Saint Michael and Padre Pio, pray for us!”

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in New York City, NYPD 1st Precinct
New York City, NYPD 1st Precinct

Amazing Support for Police in New York City — Watch the Video

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Algonac, Michigan
Algonac, Michigan
Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Canon City, Colorado
Canon City, Colorado

“We all felt blessed. Thank you. It was a team effort,” reported Fay from Canon City, Colo. “We held our Rosary high for Our Lady.” Her response was typical of those involved in the monthly rallies. People see that a public appeal to heaven is a sure way to make a difference.

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Staten Island, New York
Staten Island, New York
Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Yonkers, N.Y.
Yonkers, New York
Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Bakersfield, California
Bakersfield, California

Edwin from York, Penn. held his rally in the rain. However, the weather did not dampen the spirits of those who joined him. He noted how the public appreciated their effort.

“We had 25 people at our rally, right in the heart of Lemon Grove.” said Russ from Lemon Grove, Calif. “There was a lot of traffic with the trolley and the busses passing by us.”

Patti from Bakersfield was joined by eight other prayer warriors at a busy intersection. “The reaction of the public was incredible,” she said. “It was a great honor to do this.”

Pro-Police Rallies the Media Missed in Lemon Grove, California
Lemon Grove, California

No one knows how many souls are touched by the brave rally captains for Our Lady. By choosing places with high visibility in the public square, the exposure to the Faith is multiplied. At some intersections, thousands of cars pass by. The monthly rallies feature themes like the police rally or the defense of the traditional family. The special intentions connect the problems the nation faces and the need for God’s Grace. The media may not see the rallies, but Our Lady does.

Amazing Support for Police in New York City

Over the years, the Public Square Rosary Campaign rallies have been responsible for millions of rosaries prayed at tens of thousands of locations across America. It is a project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its America America Needs Fatima campaign. The project’s October rally to pray for America is held at nearly 20,000 places annually. Now, there are additional monthly rallies to pray for the specific needs of the nation. After the police rallies in November, there will be “Keep Christ in Christmas” rallies on Saturdays in December.

“The aim is to keep Fatima before the public every month,” says American Needs Fatima director Robert E. Ritchie. “Human solutions are not enough. We need supernatural aid from Our Lady.”

If you would like to be a rally captain for a “Keep Christ in Christmas” rally, please click the following LINK. Our Lord and the Holy Family are all but forgotten at Christmas time. Our presence in the public square is needed now more than ever. If out of love for the Holy Family, you agree to enlist as a rally captain for this December, we will send you a free banner that says: “Keep Christ in Christmas.”

Sign up to be a “Keep Christ in Christmas” Rosary Rally Captain

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