How “Religious” Environmentalism Uses Government Policy to Appease Its Gods

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How “Religious” Environmentalism Uses Government Policy to Appease Its Gods
How “Religious” Environmentalism Uses Government Policy to Appease Its Gods

If you want to be accepted as an intellectual in today’s American society, you must be seen as an environmentalist. Those who fail to express support for the environmental agenda risk being branded as evil, in denial, stupid or even insane. Intelligent, rational people simply are environmentalists.

To qualify as an environmentalist, you must embrace all ecological pet ideas. You must believe in man-made global warming, embrace biodiversity, and proclaim the eventual triumph of solar energy over fossil fuels. You must strive to make the smallest possible carbon footprint. If your efforts are obvious and public, so much the better. Walking and bicycling are better than riding the bus or driving yourself. If you must drive your own car, it should at least be a hybrid. So far, you need not embrace a vegan diet, but doing so immediately increases your credibility within the environmental community.

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The Environmentalist Religion

So all-consuming has environmentalism become that it takes on the form of a religion.

In one respect, this is nothing new. Earth worship appears to be as old as mankind. In fact, one of the things that distinguishes monotheistic religions from others is their refusal to worship the created world. In virtually all other cultures, one finds religious and quasi-religious rituals connected with nature. Sunrise, the full moon, the summer solstice, planting and harvesting, rain, flooding, volcanos, and other natural occurrence have their worshippers of whatever spirit they saw as controlling them.

However, modern environmentalism differs from these pagan practices in one aspect. The ancients saw themselves as being controlled by the forces they worshipped. Environmentalists see these occurrences as controllable. In their minds, an environmental disaster is caused by unpardonable acts by some set of humans. Limiting the power of these human actors to commit these environmental sins is the goal of the movement.

Greenpeace pleads, “Your generous support will enable us to stop global warming, defend our oceans and forests, and protect our environment from toxic pollution.” The Sierra Club boasts, “We are working around the clock to get stronger environmental and energy laws that will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, protect our oceans and fragile coastal environments, and help protect millions of jobs. The Environmental Defense Fund proclaims, “We address today’s most urgent environmental challenges by targeting issues that affect people around the world.”

Confusing the Creator With the Created

Mankind is the enemy. Once you accept this point, you can call yourself an environmentalist, although there are different schools inside the movement.

More moderate figures will argue that mankind must bring the salvation. Humanity broke it and can fix it. Science is destroying the earth and science is also the only cure.

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Others take a far more radical and pessimistic view of mankind. In their warped worldview, there is no place for humanity. If the species homo sapiens were to become extinct, the earth would recover its pristine beauty as the various monuments to men’s hubris slowly decomposed.

The Marriage of Environmentalism and Socialism

These two versions of environmentalism come back together when it comes to the essential role of government. The movement needs some kind of enforcement platform. Greed renders people untrustworthy. God is not an option because most environmentalists see Him as an invention to justify homo sapiens’ lordship over the other species. Therefore, the government is the only recourse. Only government, or better yet a worldwide super government, can marshal the resources to get the job done and enforce compliance by the unenlightened.

Environmentalism is the socialist’s dream. Once accepted as necessary, socialist legislation will ensure that all individuals will work collectively toward ecological goals. Most people will willingly comply because the supposed alternative is doom. Others can be shamed into it through derision and fear. The few who resist can be coerced or punished into compliance.

The fly in the socialist ointment is the fact that government can also get it wrong. When that happens, the results can be truly disastrous. What makes matters worse is that some in government will insist that they are not wrong and delay change.

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How “Religious” Environmentalism Uses Government Policy to Appease Its Gods

When Government Fails

This can be seen in the wildfires that ravaged California in the late summer of 2018. The Mendocino fire complex destroyed some 300,000 acres of Southern California. If a corporation were responsible for one-hundredth of that level of destruction, there would be congressional hearings, executives would be pilloried and then fired, lawyers would be rounding up landowners, and the financial settlements would run into the billions.

Yet this reaction does not happen because socialist and environmental policies are in place in many of these localities. These governmental policies cannot err they are the glue that holds the religion of the environmentalist together. Let go of governmental action, and the whole edifice implodes.

The precise causes of the fires are termed “complex.” However, some environmental dissenters shed some light on the matter. According to Ron Zybach, a forester with a Ph.D. in environmental science, the fault is in government policy. For decades, state and federal forestry services have allowed fallen trees and other dead vegetation to accumulate on the forest floor. The theory is that many small insects and animals live in that decaying material, and thus it must be left in place in the name of biodiversity.

In times of drought, this dead vegetation makes excellent fuel. Under these circumstances, almost any unforeseen event could cause a fire. The Carr fire, which killed eight people and consumed over some 200,000 acres including over 1000 homes reportedly started when a car’s tire went flat, and the wheel rim scraped the asphalt, causing sparks.

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However, you will search for a long time before finding Dr. Zybach’s theory to explain the fire. All the experts and environmentalists prefer to blame climate change, once known as global warming. They will also blame human encroachment on lands near forests and on the sides of mountains. Those problems are custom made for government action.

Only these government solutions will be considered. The environmental “gods” must be appeased.

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