How China Uses Its Citizens as Lab Rats

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How China Uses Its Citizens as Lab Rats
How China Uses Its Citizens as Lab Rats

China’s disregard for human life and its irresponsible spread of the Chinese coronavirus allows for the unexpected. It is not surprising that Beijing is now using its citizens as laboratory rats in coronavirus vaccine trials.

Irresponsible vaccine testing on humans is always reprehensible since it endangers human lives. However, it appears that the case of COVID-19 and similar viruses present even greater risks. Chinese communist authorities are aware that the Chinese coronavirus very likely contains an anomaly referred to as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE). This trait causes multiple infections of the same virus with subsequent infections that are more deadly than the previous when an improperly developed vaccine has been administered.

If ADE is present in the coronavirus, a defective vaccine will cause the antibodies in a re-infected person to make the virus worse rather than fight it.

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Two high profile strains of the coronavirus underscore the problem. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) are closely related to COVID-19. They both show evidence of ADE. Because of this possibility, all Phase III clinical trials of possible vaccines were stopped because of its dangers to human patients. Thus, there exist no vaccines for the illnesses to date.

The scientific journal, Nature, published a study showing the seriousness of the ADE trait in testing. It noted that “whether SARS-CoV-2 can cause ADE effects remains an open question,” but “given that ADE has been observed with the closely related SARS-CoV,” further studies need to be conducted on ADE before any vaccine is used in large numbers of the population.1 SARS-CoV-2 is closely related to coronaviruses and COVID-19.

The cautious attitude proved to be well-founded. Experimental vaccine trials have been conducted on animals with SARS, and the result showed that lung inflammation worsened compared to those who were given no vaccine. Knowing that ADE could connect a second viral strain to the receptors on immune cells, no coronavirus vaccine trial should be conducted on people until animal testing proves the vaccine is safe for human application.

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However, these studies mean nothing in communist China. In Beijing’s race to prove to the Free World that it can produce a vaccine for the virus it is suspected of creating, communist China has decided to go ahead with unethical vaccine trials on humans.

Without concrete proof that the coronavirus will not cause a second and worse infection using the wrong vaccine, the CCP has given the green light to Phase III clinical trials with vaccines produced by four Chinese labs. A Phase III clinical trial usually involves three thousand people and can last several years. It is meant to compare the new treatment with existing treatments for the same condition.

State-run companies and the military have ordered employees and soldiers to take part in these trials. Not content to infect Chinese citizens, one laboratory has started testing on thirty thousand people outside of China. A vast number of people are needlessly exposed to vaccines that might harm them.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party seeks profits. More than 140 coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) vaccines are in development, all competing to market a successful cure for the virus. Chinese researchers hope to gain a jump on competitors by bypassing safety protocols. Medical specialists have warned the CCP about ADE to no avail.

Communists have never followed protocols and regulations when they can profit by ignoring them. Beijing will stop at nothing to appear as the savior to the debacle it helped spread while hawking a cure that promises to be worse than the disease.

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