Host Desecration Videos Back on YouTube

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Host desecration videos originally pulled from YouTube have been reposted. The American TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign is sickened by the reoccurrence of this blasphemy after collecting 18,201 signatures on a protest petition in just 7 days.

The 40 separate desecration videos — originally posted in mid-August — showed the Host being flushed down a toilet, stomped on and fed to ducks, among other sickening spectacles.

In response to the TFP petition, the desecration videos were pulled from YouTube on October 1, but were reposted the same day.

Robert Ritchie, director of America Needs Fatima, explained: “As Catholics, we believe the Host is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ. Witnessing the desecration of the Host causes anguish to Catholics all over the world.”

Ritchie added: “In the past, YouTube has removed videos offensive to Jews and members of other religions, including one showing a teenager urinating on a Holocaust memorial. Why can’t Catholics be afforded the same respect for our deeply held beliefs?”

“The desecration of the Host is not an acceptable form of free speech. The only message it conveys is one of unremitting hatred,” Ritchie said.

Click here to sign and send a petition protest to YouTube.

Then convey your own protest message in a polite yet firm manner to YouTube by calling (650) 253-0000 then dialing 0, or Faxing (650) 253-0001.

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