Hey! It’s Only Fiction!

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So many times we hear contradictory statements from supporters of The Da Vinci Code. Some supporters tell us it is only fiction and should not be worried by it. Others affirm the historic “facts” in the book are true. What are we to believe?

Cases In Point

Long Live the DaVinci Code — a novel?

I admire both the author Dan Brown and Columbia Pictures for bringing the Da Vinci Code to the world.
I have absolutely no doubt that Jesus was human as well as godly and, therefore, had all the human feelings. Jesus never preached “abstinence” and did not practice it. He advocated for men and women to get married and become “one” in the flesh. (Mathew, 19/5,6).

Now, you will hear a lot of noise from the orthodox Catholic crowd in so-called “protests”. Please rejoice at their apparent distress because people like these used to burn people at the stakes for disagreeing with them. Now they are limited to their ravings thanks to our progress as humanity and thanks to the people like Dan Brown who (in the past) risked their lives on a daily basis to preserve the truth! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE MOTION PICTURE RELEASE! AGAIN, THANK YOU ALL!
L.K., Philadelphia, PA

No Dialogue

The Da Vinci Code is right and please shut up.All of ya’ll about it. J.R. email

Moslem Does Not Convert

I was listening to a radio announcer tell the story of a young girl who started to date a Moslem young man. She convinced him to see a priest for instructions about entering the Catholic Church. He did wonderfully until someone gave him a copy of The DaVinci Code. Upon reading it, he said: “The Bible is a hoax and this story proves it.” This ended his relationship and his faith in God. From M.B. Cleveland, Ohio

Lost Her Faith

I saw a lady praying fervently at the adoration chapel. As she finished her prayers, I approached her with a flyer against The Da Vinci Code. She eagerly consented to take it saying that she goes to the adoration chapel to pray in particular for her daughter-in-law. She said that her daughter-in-law completely lost her Faith after reading the book, The Da Vinci Code and that is the chief reason she prays each week in front of the Blessed Sacrament. It should be noted that this lady goes to this chapel by bus and that she had some type of walking disability. MK, Hudson, Ohio .

They Think it is True

I went to the temple church recently to pray at the tombs of the gallant Templar Knights and the place was full of these idiots who believe the stupid book.

The people who run the church tried to tell them it’s not true. J.T.

Thinks the Book is Gospel Truth

One day, the Roman Catholic Church will see the light and reveal the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and their offspring.

Until then its control and brainwashing techniques (I am an ex-Catholic psychologically abused by Catholic teaching) will hold so many people in out-of-date and untrue teachings. At least now I have seen the light. K.F.

Bad Influence on Sons

The Da Vinci Code was given by one of my sons to the other as a Christmas present, being hotly promoted at the time.

Both eagerly read it during this holy time, and despite comments of “its only fiction” I believe the false doctrines the book stands for, and erroneous portrayal of the Catholic faith had a negative effect on their perception of the Catholic Church, and their membership in it. Veronica

Daughter Says It’s True

My daughter has Multiple Sclerosis, the progressive type which is anticipated by doctors to limit her 37 year-old young life. She read The Da Vinci Code and since that time, has turned away from the Bible as “the words of men, not God” and strongly verbalizes the theories supported in the book regarding Jesus and his “marriage to Mary Magdalene” who is the “head of the church,” and has stated it should be Mary, the mother of Jesus, whom we should worship. It’s such a twisted view of biblical history that I am helpless to counter it!

As a result of this hideous travesty of the right of free speech, my daughter is missing the chance to know Jesus in her last years due to the insanity spewed forth by this “harmless fiction.” I support all efforts to protest against those who attempt to mold and malign the words and life of Jesus to suit themselves and their questionable agendas.

Email to the American TFP

“I’m in full support of this movie and its need for secrecy. You guys at the Catholic Church are obsessed with sex. You need to get over it and remember we live in America, Land of Free Speech. The so-called “lies” of The Da Vinci Code are just another interpretation of the Christ, however a much more accurate one because it is untouched by the manipulative hands of the Church who use the Bible as a vehicle to destroy Christ’s original message of compassion and peace on earth, NOT hatemongering which is the only thing the Catholic church peddles these days.

I can’t wait until the movie comes out, I will buy everyone I know a ticket, including every Catholic I know. In fact, I will hand them out at the local Sunday school so that children don’t grow up with their minds infested with hateful lies and that they will hopefully grow up respecting instead of fearing different people and their cultures, including but not limited to: homosexuals, African Americans, women who have abortions and really women in general. Thank you for hearing my two cents, see you at the movies!”
Email from “Stacy”

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