Rosary for America

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Rosary for America

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There are still signs of Catholic militancy in America. This can be seen in the growth of the pro-life movement and in the rejection of blasphemous films like The Da Vinci Code. However, there is still much work to be done.

Those who seek to remove God and His holy law from our society fight on  unceasingly. Abortion murders innocent unborn babies; the institution of the family is weakened by impure customs and threatened by the legalization of homosexual “marriage”; the sexual revolution pervades popular culture especially in television, media, movies and the Internet.

However, the worst consequence of this secularist offensive is the rejection of God. In so doing, we disdain His wise and loving action and we refuse His grace upon the citizens of our country, and without His grace, how can we survive?

How can our leaders properly govern our nation? From where will they get the wisdom and strength to solve the great and complex problems that abound? Besides the above-mentioned moral problems, how can we maintain our treasured national identity while adopting a just solution for the immigration dilemma?

How can we solve our need to become self-sufficient in energy? How can we resolve our economic problems? How can we maintain a wise, strong and balanced military strategy?

Invite friends to pray the Rosary for America on July 4th.

Holy Rosary Crusade of Reparation
After World War II, Austria was divided between the United States, France, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union. The Soviet section was the richest one and included the capitol city of Vienna. The Viennese were subject to the all the atrocities of communist occupation.

In 1946, Fr. Petrus Pavlicek, after making a pilgrimage to Mariazell, Austria’s principle Marian shrine, heard an interior voice that said: “Do as I say and there will be peace.” To obey this inspiration of Our Lady, Fr. Pevlicek founded the Holy Rosary Crusade of Reparation in 1947. This Crusade consisted of a call to the faithful of Vienna to participate in public rosary processions in the streets of the city.

The intention of the rosary was for the end of communism in their country and the world. At first, the processions were miniscule, but they gradually grew to staggering proportions.

In 1955, after eight years of spreading the word about the Crusade throughout Austria, the rosary processions would often have half a million participants – about ten percent of the Austrian population. Finally, through the help of Our Lady, the Soviet forces inexplicably pulled out of Austria in October of 1955.

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Rosary for America on July 4th
At Fatima in 1917, Our Lady made it very clear that the rosary is the supernatural solution to our earthly problems. Father Pavlicek also saw this as a solution and promoted a national Rosary Crusade that saved Austria from Communism.

Just like in Austria, the rosary can save America.

In The Secret of the Rosary, Saint Louis de Montfort states: “Public prayer is far more powerful than private prayer to appease the anger of God and call down His Mercy and Holy Mother Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, has always advocated public prayer in times of public tragedy and suffering.”

That is why the American TFP is launching the Rosary for America.

Our goal is to counter the destructive secular agenda, asking God to guide every aspect of our society. As human efforts have failed to solve America’s key problems, we ask His immediate help for our nation’s leadership. He will hear our prayers, especially if we pray the rosary of His Blessed Mother. Without prayer, and specifically the rosary, we will not find solutions to our nation’s many problems.

On July 4th, at 6PM, the American TFP is asking its tens of thousands of colleagues to pray the Rosary for America. America needs a monumental miracle of conversion, and it can happen with your prayers!

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