Free Distribution of The Way of the Cross

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Free Distribution of The Way of the CrossDuring the Lenten season, the vast majority of men today do not take time to reflect upon the sufferings and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ. To counter this sad neglect for Our Lord’s Passion, America Needs Fatima has launched a bold new outreach program to spread free CD recordings and books of The Way of the Cross to tens of thousands of families.

The Way of the Cross being used for this promising project was written by the inspirer of the TFP family of souls worldwide, Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira. Many readers were profoundly moved by these meditations. Some people even consider this Way of the Cross is the most inspiring version of Jesus Passion they have ever heard.

For example, in the 6th station of The Way of the Cross, Prof. Oliveira mentions holy Veronica in these terms: “One would say at first glance that never was there a greater reward in all of history. Indeed, what king ever owned a cloth more precious than that veil? What general, a more august banner? What gesture of courage and dedication was rewarded with a more extraordinary favor?”

Richard Fatherly, whose voice is considered one of the best of its type in the industry, reads this Way of the Cross on a CD. The background music used to enhance the beauty of the meditations is from the best classical composers. Thanks to the generous support of America Needs Fatima members, tens of thousands of people are now doing what they ought to during Lent – meditating on Christ’s Passion.

Watch Reflections on the Stations of the Cross VIDEOS Here


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