The True Colors of “Tolerance”

The American public is often asked to tolerate the “alternative homosexual lifestyle” in the name of diversity. This “tolerance” seeks to rid America of its so-called conservative, religious, bigoted, and discriminatory attitudes toward homosexual vice. At the same time, the homosexual movement has worked hard to convince the world that they are … Read more

TFP Decries Supreme Court’s Decision as America’s “Moral 9/11”

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has issued the following statement about the June 26, 2003 Supreme Court’s decision on Lawrence v. Texas striking down a Texas anti-sodomy law: The American TFP decries the June 26, 2003 Supreme Court decision in Lawrence v. Texas striking down … Read more

Not Only Cows are Mad

Not Only Cows are Mad 1

There was a time when farmers were really farmers. They were not international businessmen who would send their products half way across the globe. They did provide the local area with quality food. With plenty of hard work and ingenuity, they developed their land and made an honest living. They proudly displayed … Read more

Prince Bertrand Speaks on Leadership and Faith

Prince Bertrand Speaks on Leadership and Faith 1

On December 7-16, Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza went on a TFP-sponsored speaking tour of American cities which included St. Louis, Missouri; New Orleans and Alexandria, Louisiana. He spoke on the importance of Catholic leadership in society and visited with Catholic and civic leaders. Prince Bertrand bears the title of Prince Imperial of … Read more

The American TFP Statement Decries “Cowardly Acts of Terrorism”

The American TFP 10 Reasons Why Homosexual Marriage is Harmful - Free online version

The American TFP decries the coordinated terrorist attacks on American soil. These cowardly acts, which took thousands of lives, have targeted more than just important buildings. In a maneuver of psychological warfare, these terrorists have focused on America, choosing key symbols of its financial and military power. The attacks provide an occasion … Read more

TFP Talk: Breaking with the Cult of Ugliness

TFP Talk: Breaking with the Cult of Ugliness 1

Over fifty TFP friends and supporters in the Baltimore area filled the student lounge at the Loyola University Graduate Center in Timonium on March 13 to listen to Fr. Anthony Brankin speak on “The Cult of Ugliness in America.” Father also spoke the following night to a full auditorium in the amenable … Read more

TFP Lecture on Facts and Myths on the Amazon

A lecture was delivered by Professor Everisto de Miranda, Ph.D., on September 20 at the National Press Club, Washington DC, on the Amazon Rainforest. Prof. Miranda received his Master and Doctoral degrees in Ecology at the University of Sciences and Technology of Languedoc, France, and now teaches ecology at the University of … Read more

The Mobile Immobility of Chaos

Commentary on the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin 7

If anything is a common denominator in events of public and private life in so many nations nowadays, it is chaos. Chaotic prospects seem to come one right after the other, and, increasingly, things follow the ways of chaos to an extent hardly fathomed by anyone. The enigmatic forces of chaos produce … Read more

Luther Thought He Was Divine!

Luther Thought He Was Divine!

The five hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther, who was largely responsible for the Protestant revolution of the XVI century, gave rise to manifestations of sympathy in certain Catholic circles which would have been considered absolutely unforeseeable five years ago. Among these manifestations was the visit of HH John Paul II to the … Read more

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra 2

Motu Proprio: Fin Dalla Prima Nostra Motu Proprio: In Our First Encyclical Motu Proprio of Pope Saint Pius X Concerning Popular Catholic Action In our first Encyclical to the Bishops of the world, in which we echo all that our glorious predecessors had laid down concerning the Catholic action of the laity, … Read more