Facing New Challenges in 2002

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In its biggest year ever, America Needs Fatima is sending out over 210,000 membership packages during this holiday season. The package includes a membership card containing a beautiful picture of Our Lady of Fatima, superimposed over an American flag. It also includes an 8-page letter, which outlines the campaign’s challenges and goals for 2002.

First, members are asked to renew efforts to expand America Needs Fatima’s anti-blasphemy network. “The year 2001 saw an avalanche of blasphemies,” said America Needs Fatima executive director Robert Ritchie. “It is my sincere desire that our anti-blasphemy network can abate these scandals in 2002.”

The next challenge is to increase the home visitation program. Through its Mary in Every Home program, America Needs Fatima visits over 30,000 people a year with statues of Our Lady of Fatima. In 2002 America Needs Fatima volunteers hope to redouble their efforts so that even more people can learn about Our Lady’s Fatima message.

Finally plans call for a twofold increase of Fatima Proclaimers, who spread Our Lady of Fatima all across the country through flyer distribution. According to Mr. Ritchie, “Our Proclaimer Network is stuck at 11,000 members. If this is raised to 20,000 by 2003, hope and confidence will be spread further and wider than ever before.”

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