Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism

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Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism
Environmental Psychosis and the New Socialism

The fires that are happening in the Brazilian Amazon region attest to the rise of a new world psychosis: a fixation on environmentalism. The remedy proposed to cure this new disease consists of a universal prescription: stop economic growth and development.

Let us consider the facts.

Since Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro took office earlier this year, international pressure has grown immensely over the alleged deforestation of the Amazon region. This concern acquired the features of a drama during the recent fire.

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According to the architects of this psychosis, which include European presidents and most of the Western media, the Amazon, with its vast vegetation, is the “green lung of the world.” Its “deforestation” would mean that everyone will stop breathing quite soon.

Hence, the G7 summit took up, at President Macron’s request, the issue of safeguarding the region, “our Amazon,” as the French president stated, in a very colonialist tone.

Brazilian authorities have expressed outrage regarding the call to “internationalize” the Amazon. They claim it is based on lies and unfounded alarms.

Brazil’s vice president, General Hamilton Mourão, wrote on Twitter: “The Brazilian #Amazon is safe! I lived there and know what the fires are like in periods of drought. Turning them into a crisis while forgetting the tragedies that fire has caused in the United States and Europe shows the bad faith of those who are unaware that the lungs of the world are the oceans and not the Amazon.”

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Consistent with earlier statements, another official recently delivered a lecture refuting the scientific foundations of the Encyclical Laudato Si’. The well-known Brazilian scientist Professor Luiz Carlos Molion, Ph.D. in Meteorology with a post-doctorate in Forest Hydrology and a meteorologist and researcher at the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL), debunked a string of myths:

“The climate varies by natural causes. ‘Extreme events’ have always occurred. CO2 does not control the global climate and is the gas of life. Without CO2, plants, animals, and men would come to an end. Without energy, including nuclear energy, poor countries will not come out of poverty.”

The renowned professor concluded that it is very disturbing to hear that a Pope has called for a “world government to control gas emissions” in a major encyclical.

This whole collection of declarations and judicial rulings against development, the multiplication of “environmentalist” laws, and the glorification of the life of poverty led by aboriginal peoples lead us to conclude the world’s eco-promoters are creating an ideal climate for public opinion to accept the ideas of communism dressed up in green.

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They are changing the old slogan, “Workers of the whole world, unite,” to “Indians, animals, and trees from all over the world, unite.” Unite against who? Yesterday, it was against the bourgeoisie; today, it is against humanity, which seeks to progress. What do they want to impose? Yesterday, it was state socialism. Today, it is the end of the State and the imposition of a poor and egalitarian way of life upon the former capitalist society.

In short, it is the triumph of communism in green attire.

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