Defending God’s Rights at Millersville University

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Defending God's Rights at Millersville UniversityOn Monday, Feb. 7, members of TFP Student Action hit the streets of Millersville University near Lancaster, Penn., for another campaign in defense of God’s law. Their crimson banner with its rampant lion flew gracefully under a clear blue sky.

Emphasizing the importance of traditional marriage, TFP volunteers made students aware of the moral havoc same-sex “marriage” signals for civilized society. They collected surveys and gave out hundreds of Are We Still One Nation Under God flyers, while encouraging students to take a stand in defense of moral values.

Two Reactions: Entire Support and Vulgar Opposition

Reactions varied between absolute support and vulgar opposition. Just after arrival, one student approached and warmly said: “On behalf of Millersville University, I welcome you here.” Another said: “I admire you. I know it takes a lot to do what you’re doing. Keep up the good work.” Still another, eagerly filled out a survey, took a flyer and said: “This is awesome! Are you guys some kind of local group or something? I want to join you guys.”

He offered a flyer to a student saying, “Defend traditional marriage.” The student walked past him without taking flyer, then stopped, turned around and asked: “Wait a second. Did you say traditional marriage? Yes, give me some of those!”

“The God that made you will judge you”

In contrast, a group of ten pro-homosexual activists organized a pathetic counter-demonstration. Aside from profuse foul language, they attempted to silence members of the TFP by name-calling. “Intolerant hate-monger,” “Nazi,” and “Fascist” ranked high on their list of insults. They also held makeshift signs that read: “Stop the hate,” and “Equal rights for all humans.”

One pro-homosexual activist, caught in the quagmire of moral relativism, argued in favor of homosexual “marriage.” Taking his argument one step further, a TFP member asked if pedophilia should also be permissible. “I personally don’t agree with it, but if people want to do it, that’s fine,” he said. The same individual then defended human sacrifice, “if the motives are religious.” as with the Aztecs. It got worse. He continued: “You [TFP Student Action] shouldn’t be protesting same-sex “marriage” when thousands are dying in Iraq.” The TFP volunteer asked: “Since you are so concerned about people being killed, what do you think about abortion?” The answer is predictable. The activist favored abortion.

At the end of the campaign, the counter-demonstrators gathered to disrupt, mock, and jeer with obscenities. TFP Student Action director John Ritchie reminded them that: “the God who created you will judge you.” A pro-homosexual activist replied, “I guess we’ll see you in Hell then.” “Yea, we’ll have a party in Hell,” another added.

With heads high, the young men of TFP Student Action finished the campaign with their customary three Hail Marys. Students for moral values were encouraged. The indifferent received food for thought. The heavy consciences of the wayward were pricked. Most importantly, what really counts is that God’s rights were upheld.

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