Challenging the Status Quo

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Few are those with the courage to challenge prevailing opinions and beliefs. Fewer still are such challenges which pass the test of time. Professor Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira’s masterful book, Revolution and Counter-Revolution is one such work.

A man of Faith, thought and action
A man of Faith, thought and action

For this reason the TFP Website is proud to announce the fourth print edition of this work fresh off the press, now available for ordering online. (To order your copy for only $9.95, click here)

In Revolution and Counter-Revolution, Prof. de Oliveira first outlines the historical roots of the modern moral crisis, which he names the “Revolution.” Then he explains with pristine clarity how the unrestrained passions of pride and sensuality have lead to the craving for total equality and absolute liberty, driving us to our present situation. Thus, he concisely answers the question, “How did things get so bad?”

Of particular interest is his explanation of the three depths of the Revolution, existing in the tendencies, ideas and finally facts. There he shows how seemingly meaningless or “tendential” transformations in men’s lives can lead to profound changes in his ideas and eventually push society as a whole further along the path towards the Revolution’s final goal, the utter annihilation of Christian Civilization.

In the second part of the book, titled The Counter-Revolution, he demonstrates how we can stand up to the Revolution and, with the help of Mary most Holy and under the guidance of Holy Mother Church, effect substantial changes to arrest its progress.

Find out why renown Church canonist Father Anastasio Gutierrez calls this work “prophetic,” and states: “Revolution and Counter-Revolution is a masterly work whose teachings should be disseminated far and wide so as to penetrate the conscience, not only of all those who consider themselves truly Catholic, but I would say even more, of all other men of good will.”

Definitely not a book for the narrow-minded, but a must read for those open-minded souls who are fed up with the pervading immorality of our days and willing to stand up and make a difference. Order your copy today by clicking here.

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