Ask YouTube to Pull Host Desecration Videos

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YouTube, the universally recognized forum for videos of all types, now has videos that make it a stage for acts of blasphemy. The American TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign are protesting these videos showing desecration of hosts online.

The videos in question involve an individual who has put up forty videos on YouTube showing Consecrated Hosts being stepped on, burned, stapled, smoked and nailed to a stick. He even fed the Holy Eucharist to ducks and flushed the Host down the toilet.

On his site, the blasphemer says: “From now on, one Eucharist desecration a day, and each day a different method. If they want blasphem[y], we’ll give ’em blasphem[y].”

To stop these desecrations, the TFP is urging its members and friends to send a Stop Host Desecration e-petition to YouTube asking them to pull the videos. The campaign hopes to mobilize over 100,000 Catholics to action.

YouTube has a policy of pulling offensive videos from its site and has repeatedly done so in the past. These videos offend not only all Catholic, but God Himself. If thousands of Catholics speak up, the 40 desecration videos can be taken offline.

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