Aborted Fetal Cell Lines Used to Test Food Products

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Aborted fetal cell lines used to test food products.jpgAccording to news reports, some major food companies are working with a biotech company called Senomyx to produce artificial flavor enhancers using aborted fetal cell lines to test their products.

Senomyx website states that: “Using isolated human taste receptors, we created proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems that provide a biochemical or electronic readout when a flavor ingredient interacts with the receptor.”

But according to Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director for Children of God for Life, “they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby…”

Horrific!  This needs to be opposed now.

Send your protest message — and ask PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and Nestlé to sever ties with Senomyx.

Children of God for Life is a pro-life watch dog group that has monitored the use of aborted fetal material in medical and consumer products for years.

The good news:

According to Children of God for Life’s press release on this issue, Campbell Soup and Solae have confirmed they are no longer working with Senomyx.

“We are no longer in partnership with Senomyx,” said Juli Mandel Sloves, Senior Manager of Nutrition & Wellness Communications at Campbell Soup Company.

Solae spokeswoman Jennifer Starkey confirmed, it too, has severed its ties with the controversial biotech firm.

So, please send your protest message right away to the other major food companies that are still partnering with Senomyx.

Send your protest message — ask PepsiCo, Kraft Foods and Nestlé to sever ties with Senomyx.

For more reading material on this issue, please see this article:

Contact information for the major food companies; please be cordial yet firm when speaking or writing to them:

Kent Snyder, CEO
4767 Nexus Centre Drive
San Diego, California  92121
(858) 646-8300
Email:  [email protected]

Paul Bulcke, CEO
Nestlé USA
800 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, California  91203
(818) 549-6000
Email form:  http://www.nestle.com/Common/Peripherals/Pages/ContactUs.aspx?country=United States of America

Jamie Caulfield, Sr.VP
PepsiCo, Inc.
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, New York  10577
(914) 253-2000
Email form:  http://cr.pepsi.com/usen/pepsiusen.cfm?time=5189878

Irene Rosenfeld, CEO
Kraft Foods/Cadbury Chocolate
Three Lakes Drive
Northfield, Illinois  60093
(847) 646-2000
Email form:  http://www.kraftfoodscompany.com/Investor/investor-contacts/investor_contacts_form.aspx?ft=invest&subj=Investor+Center

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