NFL Boycott Will Continue Until Anthem Is ‘Properly Honored Again’

News Release: NFL Boycott Will Continue Until Anthem Is ‘Properly Honored Again’

Hanover, Penn., Sept. 27, 2017:  Fans in the bleachers are irked by the politicization of football. In fact, Americans are pledging to boycott the National Football League (NFL) in large numbers, as long as its athletes continue to disrespect our nation’s symbols and Anthem.

“Respect for the flag is a duty, not an option,” said John Horvat II, vice-president of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP).

“The NFL is turning its back on America and bending its knee to political correctness,” Horvat said. “Respect for the National Anthem transcends petty politics. And every true American should stand with legitimate pride to honor the symbols of our beloved nation.”

Horvat launched an online boycott of the NFL on Sept. 25 and was surprised to pick up more than 20,000 boycott pledges in less than 24 hours. Those who signed the pledge promise to “Boycott NFL football until order is restored on the field and players again honor our national anthem in the traditional manner.”

View the latest number of boycott pledges here:

“By allowing players to disrespect the National Anthem, the NFL is insulting every American who cherishes and honors tradition,” Horvat stated. “For now the NFL may enjoy financial success, but it has lost its reputation and honor. America’s honor is not for sale. Because honor is a virtue that money can’t buy. It is earned with sacrifice.”

“Thank God, outrage is growing, fans are tuning out, and ratings are dropping,” Horvat continued. “Our boycott will continue until the flag and anthem are properly honored again.”

The boycott is taking on curious and unique expressions. For example, some restaurant owners are refusing to show football on their screens. Borio’s in upstate New York issued this statement:

“Due to the recent decision of the Pittsburg Stealers (sic) team to stay in the locker room during our country’s National Anthem the Borio family will no longer show the NFL in our restaurant. If and when this show of disrespect ends we will be happy to show this product on (sic) our restaurant again. America is great we can all make decisions!”

For more information, contact:

John Horvat II
Phone: 717-309-7147
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  • GMFK

    Still don’t get it. Taking a knee has NOTHING to do with the flag and everything to do with the murder of young black men by police. Innocent, unarmed black men. Why do you insist on recasting this protest? Still telling black people how they should think, feel and express those thoughts and feelings. Get over yourself and show some respect and compassion. Two values which you ignore in this piece of hyperbole and misstatement if the root cause.

    • Alan Thomas

      Since when does taking a knee help or hurt the freedom of anyone, young, old, man, woman, black, white, yellow red or whatever? The argument is patently ridiculous.

    • Barry Smith

      I keep hearing about “all” of these innocent unarmed blacks being murdered by cops. That is a very generic claim and nothing specific. I read the papers every day and read most leading internet news stories. I just don’t see this anywhere. Can you name some of these people? Support your claim with names, dates, cities etc to substantiate your claim. Most of these so called murders of unarmed innocent blacks turned out to be their own demise. Michael Brown attacked a cop and got shot. Lies put the officer on the hot seat until the investigation proved that the cop shot in self defense. He had just got done robbing a store.
      There are a few rogue cops that don’t deserve wearing the uniform but BLM and other ridiculous groups and the far left keep fanning the flames of racism and want to continue the story that cops are murdering innocent unarmed blacks in droves. I don’t see it that way. Convince me I’m wrong with names, dates etc.