Will “Moderate” Joe Biden Lead to a Communist Grip on America?

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Will “Moderate” Joe Biden Lead to a Communist Grip on America?
Will “Moderate” Joe Biden Lead to a Communist Grip on America?

As the exhaustive election cycle ends, it is hard not to feel disappointed by the results, disputed though they may be. With all the existential threats facing the nation, this contest should have been a clash of great ideas. All the right issues were there waiting to be addressed: the need for traditional family values, the advance of communist ideas and the lack of law and order.

Such issues should have figured large in the debate. Dramatic events centered on these topics demanded dramatic solutions based on strong principles. However, voters did not get the debate they deserved. Liberals and the media framed the election as a personality contest based on temperament and likability.

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The Democratic Party avoided the frightening personalities of abrasive Elizabeth Warren or firebrand Bernie Sanders. Instead, it offered former Vice President Joseph Biden, a candidate with little personality, as a way of appealing to moderates. Opposing him was President Trump, whose brash mannerisms frightened many already buffeted by the COVID crisis, civil unrest and economic uncertainty. Many people were looking for an easy way out.

The Birth of the Biden Option

The media narrative held that steady Biden ensconced in his basement office would stay the course. Thus, the Biden Option, which would make America moderate again, was born.

The Biden Option promised to take things leftward but slowly. Mr. Biden would bring floods of government money to an America in crisis. The former vice president assured voters that he would control the socialist hotheads that have taken over his party. He would carefully deliberate before packing the court or doing anything radical. Mr. Biden would not let his Catholic faith influence any of his decisions, even when they involved serious moral issues like procured abortion or same-sex “marriage.” Mr. Biden would moderate everything.

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If the Democrats lose the Senate in the January runoff elections in Georgia, a weak and aging Mr. Biden will have an excuse to resist the radical Democrats. Biden can then be Biden and not a leftist puppet. Thus, the Biden Option is a wildly optimistic choice by which all can live happily ever after.

In the face of a world of uncertainty, the Biden Option represented what some thought was the safety of mediocrity. It avoided abrupt movements that spook voters. He offered voters the illusion of wishful thinking that imagined the best possible outcome and ignored the worst scenarios on the horizon.

Operating in the Real World

The real world does not operate under such naïve assumptions. The Biden Option contains within itself all the potential for disaster far beyond the imaginations of unwary voters looking for an easy way out.

Indeed, the Democrats could win the runoff Senate elections. The radical left would then have a blank check to push through its legislative agenda: amnesty and citizenship for anywhere from 16 to 29 million illegal immigrants; the Green New Deal; Puerto Rico and D.C. statehoods; a climate hysteria revolution that upends the American way of life; and packing the Supreme Court.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Even under his “moderate” persona, Mr. Biden has promised to roll back all the changes implemented under the Trump administration. He will return America to the disastrous Paris Climate Agreement.

In all the important social issues, Mr. Biden will oppose the moral law governing human actions. He will upend abortion restrictions, even until the ninth month of pregnancy. Thus, he will fight the efforts of countless fellow Catholics who have worked so hard to eradicate this great sin against God’s Law. Indeed, as vice president, back in 2016, Mr. Biden officiated at a newly legalized same-sex “marriage.” If sworn in, he will be among the country’s most anti-Catholic presidents.

A Radical Vice President

Many moderate voters do not realize that Mr. Biden chose one of the most radically leftist senators as his vice president. There is nothing moderate about Kamala Harris. She will always favor the most radical position.

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The Biden Option carries the real possibility that the 78-year-old president, who has shown signs of mental weakness and confusion, might not reach the end of his term. Thus, the radical vice president could well take the place of the “moderate” president. A communistic leader will then rule America following the Democrats’ Marxist platform.

Those who sought to avoid radical Marxism by taking the Biden Option might suddenly find themselves in Communism’s nefarious grip.

The Best Option

Regardless of the election outcome, the undeniable fact is that millions of voters took the Biden Option as an easy way out of the present crisis. The possibility for leftist power plays shows that there is no safety in mediocrity. Wishful thinking is not a viable and stable strategy for America’s future. Above all, a president that ignores the moral law to promote his party’s political program will always end in disaster because immoral laws work contrary to human nature.

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There is no easy way out of the present crisis. Avoiding suffering in the short term only increases it in the future. In embracing the Biden Option, the nation lost its way again. America needs to embrace suffering and confide in God.

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