What is the TFP “caravan” for marriage?

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What is the TFP "caravan" for marriage?
Traditional marriage “caravan” to California, Arizona, and Florida in 2008.

Three motivated teams of young TFP volunteers just started tours of New York, Maine, and Rhode Island where they will hold signs and distribute thousands of flyers explaining why homosexual “marriage” is harmful to society and must be opposed.

Follow their footsteps and as they defend God’s marriage. To send them your prayers or a message of encouragement, write to [email protected].

Read their day-by-day blog as well as reports from the 2008 “caravans” to California, Arizona, and Florida.
How to Support the Caravan
If you wish to support this vital endeavor with a gift, please click below.

Donate Now!

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to TFP Student Action and mail it to:

TFP Student Action
1358 Jefferson Rd
Spring Grove, PA 17362

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