What Eco-Radicals Want You to Believe About the Amazon Fires!

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What Eco-Radicals Want You to Believe About the Amazon Fires!
What Eco-Radicals Want You to Believe About the Amazon Fires!

The world is crying its heart out for the Amazon. Of course, no sensible person wants this vast and important territory to become a burning torch. No one wants to see the devastation of the planet’s most abundant source of fresh water or the largest complex of animal and plant life on Earth.

The self-proclaimed defenders of nature are directing their fury against the President of Brazil, Jaír Bolsonaro, who they accuse of being responsible for the tragedy. They include some leaders of the G-7 powers, most of the world’s environmental movements, and nearly all the world’s leftists. However, they are all barking up the wrong tree. They unfairly accuse Pres. Bolsonaro because he is courageous enough to denounce and confront the world socialist agenda.

Most of what the mentors of this ideological agenda say about the Amazon is little more than cheap lies. Time and common sense can demonstrate this, and thus silence all those intent on creating a false and deceitful environmentalist psychosis entirely unrelated to the reality in this vast territory.

The Amazonian part of Brazil occupies about 2.5 million square miles, almost four times the size of nearby Colombia and as large as all of Western Europe. Forest fires, criminal or spontaneous, do not only happen in the Amazon but everywhere in the world. Recently, there were forest fires in vast areas of California, the Canary Islands and Spain. They happen every day in Colombia and other countries. No one ever committed the folly of blaming the president of the United States, Spain, or Colombia for the fires in their respective countries.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

According to a report by NASA scientists monitoring the huge Amazon region for some years, this year’s fires are smaller than those of previous years. In addition, globally, the planet is greener today than it was twenty or thirty years ago. This advance is due to environmental conservation and reforestation policies enacted in many places around the world.

However, no furious environmentalists denounce the biggest fire of all time in the Amazon, which was caused by “Supreme Decree 3973,” issued by Bolivian President Evo Morales. With great media fanfare, he issued the said decree on July 9, ordering the “controlled burning” of 500,000 hectares of the Amazon region of Bolivia, near the border with Brazil, to expand Bolivia’s agricultural frontier (its main crop is the coca plant).

In his sinister, socialist, and dictatorial wisdom, Morales made a frightful mistake. The alleged “controlled burning” went completely out of control, consuming almost a million hectares. The ecological tragedy created a real hell of fire, stupidity, and irresponsibility. Nevertheless, the left only accuses the president of Brazil of irresponsibility.

Why don’t environmentalists attack Evo Morales? Because like almost all champions of this modern crusade to defend ecology, he is a leftist. He also comes from an indigenous background, and Indian cultures are now presented to the world as the perfect model for today’s society. Besides, to the delight of the promoters of the New World Order, he is the great protector of the country’s coca crop.

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Enough hypocrisy! It is a proven fact that Brazil protects its Amazon area responsibly, although one can always say it could do better. Moreover, many nations that have decimated their natural forests over decades—as in Europe—now tell Brazil what to do with its own. If Brazil does not conform to new norms—as if Brazil were a second rate country without sovereignty or independence—they threaten to impose arbitrary and extravagant economic sanctions. Some, such as the President of France, Emanuel Macron, even deliriously request the president’s removal, deeming him unfit to govern.

The Amazon Synod, which Pope Francis convened, will be held this coming October in Rome. During this gathering, the Catholic left, responsible for so much of the horrific self-destruction in the Church, will undoubtedly manipulate and direct the event with an iron fist. These radicals will seek the demise of the natural progress of peoples, working together to better their lives with private enterprise.

A radical ecologist sect has penetrated the Church and intends to proclaim the death of progress and development. They want to replace present society with an environmentalist, socialist and miserabilist regime, which presents the primitive and indigenous cultures as the great models to follow. They want neither the benefits of the ‘flawed’ consumer society, nor economic development, nor the civilized lifestyles of the West. They intend to transform the Catholic religion into an imitation of nature or “Mother Earth” worship, thus discarding two millennia of Christian civilization.

Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism?

Is the Amazon Synod Going to Lead Us to Eco-Socialism?

These fanatical environmentalists, covered with lies and hypocrisy, close their eyes to the fact that the countries, which have the highest rates of development and prosperity—thanks to free enterprise—are precisely those that best preserve freshwater sources, best protect their forests, least pollute the environment, and provide their inhabitants with a better quality of life.

Radical ecologists are perfectly aware of these truths but deliberately hide them from the world. Not for long, however, because one day all fires will be extinguished, and the smoke will clear. Then, the reality will appear clearly in the eyes of those who want to see.

Eugenio Trujillo Villegas is Director of the Sociedad Colombiana Tradición y Acción.

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