Washington Bureau Open House: Be Heroes for Marriage!

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2013_Washington_Open_House_2013Some 40 guests arrived for the Open House at the TFP Washington Bureau on the evening of Friday December 20, 2013. Mr. Mario Navarro served as host and welcomed guests on the chilly Friday evening. The event was particularly blessed with the presence of King Kigeli of Rwanda, along with many friends from the Washington area and beyond.

Guest speaker Mr. Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage gave a presentation titled “What’s Next in the Fight for Marriage?” Mr. Brown wasted no time and immediately began detailing recent attacks on true marriage in New Mexico and Utah. He noted that along with states pushing for same-sex “marriage,” a recent ruling also struck down laws prohibiting polygamy. He also underlined the fact homosexual advocates are attempting to achieve conflicting rulings from the nation’s Federal Circuit courts, ensuring that cases involving same-sex “marriage” will be heard by the United States Supreme Court.

Mr. Brown next detailed attempts by the media to positively portray Christians who differ from orthodox teaching as regards marriage, insinuating there isn’t one Christian teaching on sexual morality. The same is being done to cause division in the Republican Party and in other sectors of public opinion, further obfuscating the issue.

Mr. Brown next contrasted the picture he had drawn for his audience with some welcome good news: defenders of traditional marriage have the truth on our side, and true science backs up our arguments. Though much has been done to silence academics and others unwilling to go along with the same-sex marriage status quo, the truth is getting out about the dangers to children who are raised in same-sex households and the punishment of those refusing to provide services to same-sex couples.

Mr. Brown concluded the presentation by exhorting listeners to refuse to accept the myth of inevitability of same-sex “marriage,” along with refusing to remain silent about this issue. He emphasized the need to realize what is at stake, and finally encouraged all to be heroes and stand boldly in defending traditional marriage.

A lively question and answer session followed addressing such topics as freedom of conscience and the role of elites. Conversations continued long into the night, and all departed eager to defend true marriage and the family, the basis of our civilization.

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