Walgreens Employees Who Dare Say, “Thou Shalt Not!”

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Walgreens Employees Who Dare Say, “Thou Shalt Not!”
Walgreens Employees Who Dare Say, “Thou Shalt Not!”

Unfortunately, the most normal thing in our immoral and abnormal times is for a person to acquire contraception from a local drug store all over the modern world.

Contraception is one of those settled issues that no one is supposed to oppose. However, the opposition continues. . . especially in America. Two cases recently erupted in which Walgreens employees refused to sell contraception because it went against their religious beliefs. It is another paradox that exists Only in America.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

The drama began with two cases of women trying to buy contraceptives from Walgreens which might be termed routine.

In the first case, a woman named Abigail attempted to re-fill a prescription for birth control when an employee “wearing two crosses around her neck denied her.”1 She did so for moral reasons. In another case, Jessica entered a Walgreens in Hayward, Wisconsin with the intention to buy a prophylactic. She was shocked when John, the employee, refused to complete the transaction, because of his faith.

Jessica’s “partner” Nathan explained in a twitter post how she was the only woman in the store and felt embarrassed because John made an issue about her “reproductive choice.” The story does not end there.

They Dared to Say No

Whereas, according to Catholic teaching, no pharmacy should be selling such products, Walgreens did the unthinkable by taking the side of their employees. In an official statement, they explained that their “policies are designed to ensure we meet the needs of our patients and customers while respecting the religious and moral beliefs of our team members.”

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As this controversy went viral on social media, it was discovered that CVS, the largest pharmacy in America, has a similar policy. Amy Thibault, director of communications for CVS told USA Today that,

“Under federal law, we must reasonably accommodate a religious conviction, and in certain states a moral or ethical conviction, [my emphasis] that may prevent a pharmacist or pharmacy technician from dispensing specific medications.”2 Now there is an all-out witch hunt with liberal politicians putting pressure on the pharmacies to change their store policies.

It must be stated clearly that the issue is not about denying people the means of contraception.  The policy of Walgreens clearly states that if an employee objects to selling contraception, “they are required to call a manager or someone else to complete the transaction.” The reason this is an issue is because the above-mentioned employees dared to tell someone “no” and they did so because of deeply held religious beliefs. This refusal is thus a reminder of the forgotten 10 Commandments.

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Some people might ask, how could this happen in America which is supposed to be the most liberal country on the planet?

“Compared to the Rest of the World, The United States is a Convent.”

This issue shows how there are two Americas. The first is a liberal one which has been projected by Hollywood across the globe for over a century. Then there is another America aptly described by someone coming from afar.

Many years ago a member of the Brazilian Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) visited the United States for the first time and attended the March for Life in Washington, D.C. He was stunned by what he saw. As someone who had traveled extensively worldwide, he had heard much about America, both good and bad. Seeing things up close, I asked him about his first impression.

“In comparison with Brazil and the rest of the world,” he said, “the United States is like a convent.” In his travels, he had never seen such a vibrant pro-life movement with so many young people reflecting a concern for morality. This same moral concern is reflected in the Walgreens issue. Many detest this religious America.

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No, we are not a convent but there is a sector of American public opinion that believes in God and revere His laws. Such Americans are not afraid of public opinion. When faced with a moral choice, they don’t mind saying no. The left is angered by this no, because they see that behind this stand, it is the same as saying Thou Shalt Not!

Updated August 10, 2022.


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