Victory in California: Like it or not, As California Goes…

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frontpage285Amid the euphoria in the recent elections, three shining lights appeared on the horizon that the left is trying hard to ignore or explain away. The lights came as a killjoy to an otherwise festive occasion and raise serious questions about what the victory means.

Indeed, if the elections were about a change of direction, the results should reflect the direction of the Culture Wars. No one can deny that the cutting edge of this battle is best represented by the same-sex “marriage” issue.

Even more than abortion, same-sex “marriage” is supposedly the wave of a liberal future. And yet on November 4, the “wave of the future” lost.

Overcoming incredible obstacles, pro-family Americans put together a winning combination to win big and shatter the idea of a liberal mandate to change the American family.

Despite being outspent by an estimated margin of 3-to-1, pro-family advocates won big in Florida where a family protection amendment needed more than a simple majority to win. With 62 percent of the vote, traditional marriage supporters were victorious.

In Arizona, pro-family activists actually reversed the only victory that the pro-homosexual movement could claim in the marriage amendment fight. In 2006, a marriage amendment lost and was heralded as beginning of the end of all pro-marriage amendments.

Arizona pro-family activists fought back and won. Now marriage amendment promoters nationwide can claim 30 out of 30 victories. They are undefeated.

The pro-homosexual lobby, however, can claim no electoral victory. Rather it has relied on judicial ruling that impose same-sex “marriage” on states without any popular vote. Their record is now 2 out of 3.

Of course, the biggest victory was California. The state’s supreme court had already imposed same-sex “marriage” on the population. Californians fought back in one of the most hotly contested initiatives in American history. Both sides spent a total of $70 million in a high-profile campaign that promised to be the decisive test for the nation.

TFP Caravan in California supporting traditional marriage.
TFP Caravan in California supporting traditional marriage.

The outpouring of support for the traditional family was impressive. One spokesman for the movement reported over one hundred thousand volunteers worked to defeat the measure, contributing time and millions of dollars. In the end, traditional marriage won with a simple majority of 52 percent.

Of course, the pro-homosexual movement would have held the pro-family movement to the results of the election had they won. It would have been proclaimed the “will of the people.” Now, however, the people’s will seems not to matter as three lawsuits were filed in California courts seeking to have Proposition 8 declared invalid. The principal argument is that Proposition 8 is a constitutional revision that cannot be accomplished by constitutional amendment! It is hard to imagine why anyone in their right mind would spend $37 million fighting for something that they suspected was invalid anyway.

The tenacious pro-family movement will fight such moves. However, no one can deny the fact that: If California, one of the most liberal states, is against same-sex marriage, then what about the other states? As San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom stated when same-sex “marriage” was approved by the California Supreme Court: “As California goes, so goes the rest of the nation. It’s inevitable. This door’s wide open now. It’s going to happen, whether you like it or not.”

Indeed, his declaration is proving all too true.

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