Trans-Species: Transgenderism’s Rotten Fruit

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Trans-Species: Transgenderism’s Rotten FruitIf a man can become a woman at will, why can’t he be anything else he so desires? Such a relativistic conclusion is already being proposed. Welcome to the world of the trans-species; also know as the furries or otherkins, who suffer from Species Identity Disorder; a frequent theme in homosexual parades. It is the unreal world in which humans pretend to be animals, claiming that they are actually animals trapped in a human body. They apply the same fallacious argument used by transgenders regarding their biological sex.

To be a furry one, all one has to do is have the illusion of being something other than what one is. Thus, just when people are reeling from the brutal imposition of the transgender ideology upon society, there is a growing trend, in which men dress up and behave like dogs, that is referred to as “pup play.” This fantasy is not confined to pretending to be dogs; it applies to any other animal, although there are some anatomical limitations. So far it has been impossible to pretend to be a bird or fish.FREE e-Book, A Spanish Mystic in Quito: Sor Mariana de Jesus Torres

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A documentary produced by Channel 4 in Britain titled “The Secret Life of Human Pups”1 shows men who pretend to live like dogs in their private life. This fantasy involves living with a dog handler, barking to communicate, dressing in a rubber dog suit, fetching objects, sleeping in a cage, having their bellies rubbed and other dog-like behaviors proper to dogs—not for humans.

Thomas Thwaites, a 34-year-old researcher from London decided to take a break from being a human and worked to develop prosthetics to help him hobble around the Alps and eat grass (that he couldn’t digest) attempting to be a goat. It is interesting to note that Thwaites used his human intelligence and the resources of modern technology to prepare for his animal journey, something goats don’t have to do to survive. Even so, he fared miserably.

Why would anyone want to be an animal? When Thwaites was posed with this question he responded, “I suppose it was because it could be fairly difficult, depressive and just stressful being a human being.”

“I initially wanted to be an elephant, but it wasn’t going very well,” Thwaites relates. “I visited a shaman, and she said ‘you’re an idiot.’ So, I decided to be a goat.”2 Thwaites finds being an animal a way to engage with one’s less self-conscious side.

This desire to become less self-conscious is a denial of man’s rational nature, because mankind is endowed with reason and possesses the knowledge of human uniqueness through self-consciousness. Destroying consciousness destroys the first principle of logic and along with it, the principle of identity.

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The principle of identity is the first of the three classical principles of thought stating that everything that exists has a specific nature. It states that each entity exists as something in particular and possesses characteristics that are a part of what it is, therefore “each thing is the same with itself and different from another.” Therefore it is impossible for a man to change his sex or species—period. Any effort to do so is nothing more than a mere illusion of change.

Logic affirms that it is impossible to be two different things at the same time and under the same aspect; this is a consequence of the principles of identity and non-contradiction. However, those suffering from trans-species reject the principles of identity and non-contradiction. They substitute objective reality with subjective feelings and are obliging the world to play along with their fantasy.

The relativism inherent to transgenderism has given birth to the equally absurd notion of trans-species because the binary definition and logic regarding one’s sex and species are no longer observed. If these disorders are regarded as normal, what can possibly resist the ferocious unbridled passions from obliterating what remains of what makes people human?

Putting aside any pathological cases, the desire to abandon the human species and become an irrational animal is a grave offense to God. For He created us in His image and likeness and it is precisely through our intelligence and will that we do so. To abandon the highest of our human qualities is to forsake the very link with our God and creator.

May God have pity on us!



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