Traditional Family: the Solution for Britain’s New Vandals

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Years of anti-family policies have created the “culture medium” that incubated the hooligans that set many English city boroughs ablaze, wrote Max Hastings of the London newspaper The Mail.1

The rioters merely followed the leftist and anti-capitalist rhetoric of the day. They acted not because they are poor or marginalized or for any racial or religious reason: “We can do what we like,” an activist girl told the BBC, an expensive Blackberry in her hand.

If any of the attackers was illiterate or unemployed, it was out of sheer disinterest. They are essentially “wild animals” of the digital era, the journalist wrote. Why?

Because they have shown no perception of the difference between good and evil and responded only to animal instincts: getting drunk, having sex and destroying other people’s property.

Their only profound knowledge: digital video games and social networking. Their source of livelihood: social programs and above all the retirement pensions of their always absent parents.

They are the product of years of policies that eroded the family and promoted false alternatives as morally and legally equivalent to the family: “single-parent families,” unwed motherhood or fatherhood and the consequent extinction of life in the home, where children are formed.

The wild generation thus turned to vandalism, anti-social behavior, obscenity and violence as if life were reduced to a “kill-them-all” and “destroy-it-all” video game.

The revolution in schools, in parallel with that in the family, promoted complete tolerance and a total absence of discipline, order and good behavior.

Legislation, judges and the police were oriented against parents; educational authorities turned against teachers; and for their part, “human rights” were employed against parents, educators, the law, the justice system, and the police.

To Save Society, Promote Traditional Marriage

The end result, the journalist concludes, is now obvious: a vast, amoral and brutal subculture of youths who have no will to work or do domestic chores, convinced that no moral code will punish an antisocial or even criminal life, with cell phone in hand.

Traditional family values through the Sacrament of Marriage are the solution.

Producing this generation has cost billions of pounds in so-called “social” programs to maintain anti-family situations.

Socialist and libertarian dogmas have triumphed. One of the products of this “triumph” has been the explosion of vandalism in London’s “bourgeois” neighborhoods.

To save society, it is imperative to restore the family upon its more solid basis, the Sacrament of Marriage, thus restoring traditional marriage to its proper dignity.



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