Toys R Us Opens the Door to the Occult

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Toys R Us Opens the Door to the OccultWhy is Toy R Us Selling Ouija Boards to Our Children and Teenagers?
According to press reports and its own website, Toys R Us is selling a Glow-in-the-Dark Ouija Board, recommending it to children from age 8-14. Since the TFP protest against the product began, the company it has now up the recommended age to 17 and over.

Playing with an Ouija board has always been known as a dangerous way to open the door to the occult. In light of this fact, the American TFP website is asking its readers to send in their protest to Toys R Us requesting that they no longer offer this perilous product either to children or teenagers.

According to noted American exorcist Father Gary Thomas and Human Life International president, Father Thomas Euteneuer, the person must open the door for demonic possession to take place. Such doors include the use of Ouija boards and other occult practices.

Father Thomas says: “People think that Ouija boards are harmless. They are not, because what people do is they begin tapping into a realm that’s beyond science, that’s beyond the physical nature of human existence.”

If anyone has any doubt about the reality of communicating with spirits through such boards, one need only consult the comment section of the Toys R Us listing. (Note: since the protest started, almost all of the negative and descriptive reviews have mysteriously disappeared)

Users frequently use words like “scary,” “dangerous,” and “careful.” Many note that the board is not a game but a tool and they obviously are communicating with spirits when using the “toy.”

Children and teenagers already suffer too much influence from the occult in our society without finding Ouija boards on the shelf at Toys R Us.

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