To Le Monde: Leave The Church Alone!

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On March 18, Le Monde newspaper offended millions of Catholic worldwide when it published a sacrilegious cartoon depicting Our Lord handing out condoms from a boat to the excited masses. The American TFP is asking Catholics to protest.

The cartoon reads: “The multiplication of the condoms followed the multiplication of the loaves.” Inside the boat is the Pope depicted as a decrepit old man who says: “Anything goes!” (You can see the cartoon by clicking here. Warning: the cartoon is extremely offensive!)
The attack of Le Monde was one of many in response to a statement by Pope Benedict XVI during his trip to Cameroon where His Holiness reaffirmed Church teaching about chastity and use of condoms. An angry and bitter chorus of liberal anti-Catholic voices is sweeping Europe. Le Monde is at the tip of the iceberg with this most violent expression of hatred against Catholic morality.

Please send a protest message to Le Monde asking them to leave the Church alone by e-mailing them at: [email protected]

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