“This Day by Fighting We’ll Show Our Devotion!”

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“This Day by Fighting We’ll Show Our Devotion!”
“This Day by Fighting We’ll Show Our Devotion!”

“This day by fighting, we’ll show our devotion,” sang the boys at an exceptional chivalry-themed summer camp in Ocala, Florida.

The Call to Chivalry camp was one of several sponsored by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property (TFP) all over the country. These camps are unique, being entirely Catholic, manly, and militant—the perfect combination for a growing boy’s soul. Here is a look into the motivational spirit behind this Catholic camp, its activities and its goals.

Chivalry is the Catholic Sense of Virtuous Living for Men.

The camp has a code of conduct conducive to virtue. It promotes a Catholic spirit of chivalry: serving Our Lord and Our Lady, doing what is right, and never giving up in the face of evil. Every TFP camp promotes fortitude, purity and piety.

Activities That Foster Action and Spiritual Growth.

The morning rising is complemented with the “skirling” of bagpipes, a martial instrument. The participants get out of their beds and gather to pray the Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, led by a camp counselor. To help teach the young men order, there is a daily room inspection before breakfast. Then, the camp participants chant the Creed and go to breakfast singing a hymn composed by Saint Louis de Montfort titled: “We Want God.”

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

After breakfast, the boys use a great spiritual weapon, which is the Rosary. Praying together is a must for knightly education. Afterward, they attend a meeting presented by a TFP member. Meetings include topics like Saint Pius V, the Medieval Order, and what it means to have the spirit of a Crusader.

The young men play manly sports, some of which are unique to TFP programs such as “shield ball” and “French football.” A highlight is wielding foam swords during Capture the Flag and breaks. All activities begin and end with a prayer.

TFP volunteer Gabriel Jordan teaches crusader songs to the boys. The loud singing helps promote camaraderie among the soldiers of Christ. One refrain about the miracle of Our Lady of Lepanto included the words: “Fill us with courage Queen of the Ocean, this day by fighting we’ll show our devotion.”

One favorite meeting is about the TFP Student Action. They learn about street campaigns, where TFP members defend the Faith in the public square addressing issues like abortion, anti-communism or anti-blasphemy. Full-time volunteer Domenick Galatolo speaks on how to confront these evils on university campuses, the March for Life or on the road. During the camp, the attendees join a TFP rally against socialism.

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our TimesLearn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

The headmaster of Saint Louis de Montfort Academy, TFP member Ted Huereña gives a meeting about the crusader spirit and its application to Catholic men today. He teaches them how to fight sin, have good friends and persevere in their spiritual lives, using Saint Dominic Savio as an example.

Where All This Leads: A Renewed Generation.

A program of meetings, games, singing, praying and dining, has a grand purpose. All Call to Chivalry camps seek to change the hearts and minds of Catholic youth to love their Faith so much that they will defend it, zealously promote it and thoroughly live it. The camp provides the elements to form the next generation. By the grace of Our Lady, TFP members have every reason to believe this is happening.

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Would you please help the TFP to accomplish this lofty goal? Do not let the call to chivalry that beckons young men to fight for Holy Mother Church go unheard.

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