They Tied His Hands Because He Did Good

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They Tied His Hands Because He Did GoodWhy didst Thy executioners bind Thee, O Lord?

What had Thy hands done, that they should be tied?

Who can say, Lord, what glory these hands gave to God when they first received the kisses of Our Lady and Saint Joseph? Who can tell the tenderness with which Mary Most Holy first caressed them? With what piety they first joined in prayer? With what strength, nobility and humility they worked in Saint Joseph’s shop?

These hands which were so gentle for the innocent, like Saint Joseph, and the penitent, like Mary Magdalen; these hands which were fiercely against the world, flesh and devil — why are they tied down and worn raw?

What hatred and fear necessitated this?

Was someone afraid to be cured or caressed? Was someone afraid of health or tenderness? Lord, only the existence of evil can explain this awful reality. However, all men tend toward evil, and their nature easily revolts against sacrifice. Once they revolt, men are capable of all manner of infamy and disorder.

My Jesus, when someone says no to Thee, they begin to hate Thee. Hating Thee, they detest all goodness, truth and perfection, which Thou personified. Therefore, if Thou art not visibly present to persecute, they strike out against the Church, profane the Eucharist, blaspheme, spread immorality and preach revolt and rebellion.

Thou art bound, my Jesus, and where are the lame, paralytics, blind and mutes whom Thou didst cure? Where are the dead whom Thou didst resurrect, possessed whom Thou didst free, sinners whom Thou didst lift up and the just to whom Thou didst reveal eternal life?

Why are they not present to break the knots that bind Thy hands, Lord?

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