The Tragic Predicament in Cali: Satanism, Witchcraft and Corruption

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The Tragic Predicament in Cali: Satanism, Witchcraft and Corruption
The Tragic Predicament in Cali: Satanism, Witchcraft and Corruption (Photo Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/Getty Images)

Cali, Colombia, faces its worst tragedy since its founding by Sebastián de Belalcázar in 1536.

The city has long been a Colombian icon in many ways. We can take pride in that it brings together a mixture of races and cultures that have always lived peacefully with perfect harmony between black and white, rich and poor, gentry and workers.

Without exception, all these elements have contributed to building a beautiful and prosperous city of almost three million inhabitants. Seven spectacular rivers converge in the city. It is set against a stunning mountain range twelve thousand feet high and surrounded by Colombia’s most fertile and productive lands. The city is an example of culture, civility and progress.

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As Colombians, we watch with affliction as Cali’s Mayor Jorge Ivan Ospina is razing this magnificent city to the ground. Our souls are afflicted because we love Cali and wish it the best. Ospina is inspired by toxic Marxist and socialist principles that only produce chaos and misery. However, he has now added an even more harmful ingredient to these destructive factors. He has erected a monument celebrating the practice of Satanism. Indeed, Cuban-Venezuelan witchcraft plays a fundamental role in his government.

Since April 28, subversive and terrorist forces have been destroying Cali by inciting anti-government violence. The agitators have ruined the city’s progress, employment sources, residents’ wellbeing and magnificent international image. Mayor Ospina is the promoter of this barbaric destruction. He was elected due to the foolish divisions in the opposition.

A “Monument” Unworthy of Cali

To add to the unrest, the mayor has built a disgraceful monument in Puerto Rellena, a popular place in the city. We are desolated by this act. This diabolically-absurd monument proclaims radical Satanism and represents the inversion of the cultural and religious values ​​that have characterized our city for centuries.

This mock monument displays grotesque expressions of Cuban-Venezuelan Satanism, which buttresses the brutal dictatorships that have subjugated those two nations. Painted on it are the figures of the witch María Lionza, Negro Felipe and Cacique Guaicaipuro, demonic figures of Marxist Santeria invoked by Hugo Chávez and Nicolas Maduro, the chieftains of Venezuela’s Marxist revolution. At the top of the totem-style monument is a communist clenched fist with the word “Resist.” The scene reflects the mayor’s call to destroy the city’s past, which he has been busy doing since taking office.

This disgraceful structure, inspired by Satanic witchcraft, does not represent Cali at all. It is the opposite of our Christian culture, which the mayor strives to demolish with his Satanic prayers. However, his efforts will undoubtedly fail. Cali’s genuine symbols, which represent us, are altogether different.

Cali’s True Symbols

Our true symbols are The Three Crosses, placed atop the hill of the same name. They have blessed and exorcised the city in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ for over a century. On another hill, the monument of  Christ the King protects Cali with its outstretched arms. Finally, the city’s patron saint, Our Lady Virgin of Remedies, has been venerated in the Church of La Merced for four centuries. These religious monuments protect Cali from all the witchcraft and curses the mayor seeks to impose on us.

Among the historical monuments, we above all respect the statue of the city founder, Sebastián de Belalcázar. From Spain, he brought us the culture and civilization that are the source of our progress and wellbeing. He is Cali’s patriarch, a living example of Spain’s civilizing work in America, carried out over five centuries and recognized as one of the greatest cultural epics in history.

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Here enters the present tragedy. On the mayor’s orders, this worthy monument was demolished by a horde of indigenous people from Cauca. These invaders do not represent Cali, which is why the mayor brought them to the city. These indigenous communities are manipulated by the worst criminals in Colombia, such as terrorists from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), the National Liberation Army (ELN) and drug cartels. None of these Marxist forces have the right to destroy a monument honoring a 500-year civilizing history.

If we want to progress, Cali must urgently exhaust all legal resources to remove this mayor from office. We can then improve our living conditions, live in peace and resolve our problems in a civilized way. We must also remove forever the outrageous Satanic “monument” the mayor is trying to impose on us as a symbol of Cali. It will never represent us. Finally, we must return Sebastián de Belalcázar’s statue to its longstanding place of honor as soon as possible.

We must defend our legacy and make our city respected by all legal and constitutional means. If not, we, dignified and honest Cali citizens, will deserve the shame now being heaped upon us. Finally, we are perplexed that the Archbishop of Cali, Most Rev. Darío de Jesús Monsalve, has failed to utter a single word about this tragedy. Instead, he continuously praises the mayor’s work and asks “forgiveness(!)”  from Cauca’s Indigenous mobs that recently terrorized our city for days.

Photo Credit: LUIS ROBAYO/Getty Images

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