The Touching Encouragement of an Archbishop

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The Touching Encouragement of an Archbishop
The touching encouragement of Archbishop Joseph Naumann

There are many ways, big and small, to fight against today’s anti-Christian culture.

There are public displays of Faith that are impressive in their scope and organization. This can be seen every year at the National March for Life as well as similar marches in states and cities all across America. There are also tens of thousands of Public Square Rosary Rallies, and rallies in defense of traditional marriage nationwide. Still others hold public rallies of reparation and protest against blasphemy, Satanism or public vice. All these actions have a great impact far beyond what the participants imagine.

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There are more private actions that are also essential. Unseen heroic pro-lifers pray, inform and counsel at abortion clinics. Families, friends and individuals pray the rosary together in their adoration chapels, homes and schools. Some pray grace before meals in public. Some speak out or turn away when improper conversation takes place at work. These acts also have a tremendous effect.

However, one powerful witness to Catholic moral teaching is the willingness of many generous parents to accept a large family from God and thus fulfill His command to, “be fruitful and multiply.”

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Today, so many couples, even Catholic couples, desire only one or two children, or even no children at all. They use contraception to prevent new life and live a selfish life turned toward pleasure. Such behavior is a denial of God’s providence and the order He put in society. In the past, most families had numerous children and made great sacrifices out of love for God and for the precious children God gifted to them. During those times, God was first, then one’s family. Careers and material things were rated way down the scale.

One touching gesture to encourage large families in these neo-pagan times is that of Archbishop Joseph Naumann of the Kansas City, Kansas archdiocese. For four years, he has been doing something unique that promotes the beauty of large families. Whenever a family has more than two children, Archbishop Naumann has offered to personally baptize any additional child.FREE e-Book, A Spanish Mystic in Quito: Sor Mariana de Jesus Torres

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In a 2014 column in the archdiocesan paper, The Leaven, the archbishop stated, “The question for Catholic couples should not be: How many children do we want to have?” Archbishop Naumann then outlined his new policy saying that “as a small gesture to encourage Catholic married couples to be generous in their openness to life, I am offering to baptize any child who is at least a couple’s third child…. My purpose in doing this is to demonstrate my personal support for those couples who take seriously the call to be generous in cooperating with God’s grace in giving life.”

This is an excellent initiative to promote Christian society, life and the family. The archbishop describes this gesture as small but it is also great in meaning. Archbishops have many responsibilities and busy schedules. Taking time to baptize numerous infants is no small action and it means a lot in the great battle for Christian culture. Indeed, this small action is a victory that should be known and celebrated.

Such actions may seem insignificance, but when performed out of love for God, they have far reaching effects both in Heaven and on Earth. Archbishop Naumann’s baptisms of these infants brings new souls into the Church and helps fill the ranks of the Church Militant with those who will eventually, with God’s help, transform American society into a culture of life. The family is a key part of any return to God.

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