The Scandals’ Unmentioned Victim

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The Scandals' Unmentioned Victim
The Scandals’ Unmentioned Victim
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The TFP Alerts: Don’t Make the Church a Victim

No one denies the reality of the sexual abuse scandals and their cover-up. Catholics rightfully reacted with indignation and concern. However, many reformers and dissidents now propose solutions that take advantage of this legitimate indignation and toil feverishly to shake the very foundations of the Church as an institution.

They propose structural changes that go far beyond helping the recovery of innocent victims and the future prevention of such crimes. They want changes like breaking the Seal of Confession and modifying the way the Church is governed.

In response to the latest effort to change the Church, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition Family and Property has just released an analysis titled “The Church: The Scandals’ Unmentioned Victim, TFP Analysis of the May 3, 2003 Agreement between Bishop Thomas J. O’Brien (and the Phoenix Diocese) and Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley.”

The TFP document cites the recent Agreement between Phoenix Bishop O’Brien and the State of Arizona as an attempt to impose a dangerous “model” on dioceses across the country. The immunity agreement unacceptably favors manipulating the power of the state to impose a reformist agenda which would change the Church’s hierarchical form of government and clear moral teachings on sexual behavior.

The TFP analysis was sent to all American bishops on the occasion of their spring meeting in St. Louis on June 19-21. It asks the American bishops to speak out in favor of an unmentioned victim: the Church Herself.

You can read the full text of this analysis by clicking here.


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