The Riots: Why Do None Dare Call Them Evil?

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The Riots: Why Do None Dare Call Them Evil?
The Riots: Why Do None Dare Call Them Evil?

The problem with living in a relativist society is that it takes from us our ability to describe and analyze issues objectively. Amid the current unrest, for example, many people refuse to label actions good or evil. According to this relativistic perspective, acts are morally neutral. We are expected to watch the riots but never ponder or assess their moral value.

Ironically, we are faced with evil that cannot be called evil. The media mischaracterize the violent riots as “mostly peaceful protests,” the wanton destruction of property as “an expression of frustration and rage,” and the rioters as “victims of systemic racism and their allies.” These organized riots are not called evil events, attempts to overthrow law and order, or insurrections to destroy America from within.

A Sad State of Denial

We are reduced to the sad state of denying good and evil even though the rioting tends to make that distinction for us. During the riots, things always considered evil are uniting against things always regarded as good. If good and evil do not exist, then some categories like them exist and play the same roles. The nature of these things brings them together in all but name.

However, for those who want to see reality, the unrest serves to show how evil unites against what little remains of order. It unites the lawless agitators who consciously desire to act as evil. Evil counts on the support of leftist government officials and media figures who enable it by refusing to call it what it is.

The Issue Is Never The Issue—The Real Issue Is The Revolution

The unrest also shows intention on the part of the participants. What we are seeing are not isolated acts of evil that enter the scene by accident or exception. Instead, violence becomes the manner of acting by design. Violent rioters engage not in “mostly peaceful” protest but an evil revolution to transform America through shock, indecency, terror, and brutality.

None Dare Call it Evil

The relativists’ blindness to evil flies in the face of the evidence. The worst thing is the agitators want to appear evil. The more the relativists deny good and evil, the more the perpetrators of evil do their utmost to make their evil obvious—and thus make the relativist position more irrational.

The violent protesters make no effort to hide evil acts. Indeed, they delight in them, making no apologies to those they harm. Their shock-and-offend actions are way beyond the limit of human decency.

Consider the alarming case of the two police officers in Los Angeles who were both shot in the head, from behind, by a cowardly individual who fled from the scene. As the ambulance entered the hospital, protesters tried to block the way, crying out: “We hope they die!” Why is it that none dare call this evil?

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Such acts are multiplying amid the unrest. Social media has embedded in our minds scenes of unspeakable brutality that none would think possible a short year ago. Consider a poor man pulled out of his truck and kicked so hard in the head that he lay unconscious on the pavement. Countless videos show mob violence against individuals who did little more than show up at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Night after night, rioters in Portland throw rocks, fireworks, objects, and containers with urine at police who try to keep order. They deliberately aim to blind officers with lasers. They burn flags and Bibles. Arsonists are setting fires to car lots, buildings, and forests, destroying property and endangering lives.

These are all undeniably evil acts. Yet government officials refuse to press charges and release the arrested criminals. None dare call it evil.

Message of Hatred and Rage

The messages of the rioters also express an evil rarely seen in our nation’s history. What makes it so sinister is not only what they say but also how they say it.

The protesters do not engage in normal discourse but evil discourse. They scream and screech at police and passersby. Their speech is laced with the most obscene language as they insult others, and yet this abuse is viewed as normal by liberal media. The rioters call down curses and death upon police officers and any opposition. Why is this not called evil?

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Rioters have paraded at night in residential neighborhoods with a life-size guillotine and woken up families, demanding they get out of their houses and onto the street to join their revolution. It is not enough to voice support; restaurant patrons are harassed because they refuse to raise their clenched fist in the Marxist salute. Activists are making their protests personal and confrontational by heckling and frightening those who watch from the sidelines. Everywhere there is evil discourse aimed at striking terror in the hearts of passersby or those who watch on social media.

The Satanist Connection

If all these things are not enough, then the melding of radical leftist politics with Satanism should be convincing proof of cooperation with evil. Satan proudly claims for himself a universal association with evil. Again, there is no attempt to hide the political activism of witches and Satanists amid the unrest. To dispel any doubts, the witches appear in black, using Satanic symbols, skulls, incantations, and ritual.

Numerous books with spells and hexes instruct protesters how to invoke help from the occult. For example, Michael M. Hughes’ book, “Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change,” contains an incantation for every political occasion. One provocative chapter is titled “WITCH: Women’s International Terrorist Conspiracy from Hell.” The leftist establishment appears to have embraced this connection in its efforts to enlist everyone against the current administration.

The web site Mashable reports that witch’s covens are actively engaged in hexing police, which they accuse of brutality. They also cast spells asking protection for protesters confronting the police. The hashtag #witchesforblm teaches witches how to cast these spells and hexes. The hashtag garnered 10 million views on the TikTok app. Instagram’s Magic Resistance promotes a similar mix of paganism and politics.

Eternal and Natural Law: The Foundation of Morals and Law

Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and the BLM Los Angeles chapter co-founder Melinda Abdullah released a conversation where they discuss summoning up dead spirits that energize their activism.

“We’ve become very intimate with the spirits that we call on regularly,” Abdullah claimed. “Each of them seems to have a different presence and personality.”

These Facts Mean Nothing?

In a relativistic society, all these facts mean nothing. Evil cannot be called evil, even when evildoers are the first to admit they are doing what has always been considered evil. This moral paralysis is a recipe for disaster. When a society cannot call something good or evil, it loses its ability to defend itself. No one can make a judgment or take adequate measures. Evil is unleashed upon the land.

There is only one exception to the leftist refusal to define acts. Just as evil dare not be called evil, so too good cannot be called good. When police officers try to uphold order and God’s law by suppressing the causes of disorder, relativists claim they cannot be called good. When people act with heroic and saintly goodness and kindness to convince others not to live in sin but to worship instead the one true God, they cannot be called good. Missionary hero, Father Junipero Serra, cannot be called a saint.

Instead, relativists argue, these formerly good people must be called evil. They are bigots, extremists, enslavers, and “systemic” racists. The media and leftist establishment’s wrath descends upon those who did or seek to do what has always been considered good.

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The current unrest makes it very clear that the fight is between good and evil. The presence of evil acts and occult activism should be enough to convince everyone that this evil must be denounced. It should also prompt us to turn to God and defend His Law as the only means to return America to order.

We need to restore our fundamental moral right to call things good or evil. Indeed, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the fight is between the deniers of good and evil and those who affirm God and His holy and eternal law.

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