The Fight Against Abortion Must Focus on Combating a Childfree Culture

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The Fight Against Abortion Must Focus on Combating a Childfree Culture
One major reason for abortion is that a growing number of adults, both male and female, desire to be child-free.

The Marxist perspective sees all things through an economic prism. Everything is about one class exploiting the others through power and money. Unfortunately, most people, even conservatives, adopt this skewed socio-economic view and make it the center of the debate. Conservative family policy is no exception.

Thus, when the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade was released, the leftists immediately attacked it from this economic prism. They framed the debate as taking away a woman’s right to start her family when she wants and is financially able. They said it targeted poor women who did not have the means to have a family. Woke companies extended financial benefits to promote abortion to poor women or “birthing people.”

Liberals immediately called upon the pro-lifers to provide the financial means to support the unwanted babies resulting from Dobbs. However, they automatically conclude that this is an impossible task and thus insist upon the urgent need for abortion as the only solution. Ironically, they attack the pregnancy support centers that help women obtain financial stability while having children.

False Assumptions

Thus, the debate is reduced to a false economic argument. It is assumed that lack of money is the reason behind almost all abortions.

This assumption is false. It must be rejected as part of the left’s narrative since it does not reflect the sad reality of the nation’s culture.

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One major reason for abortion is that a growing number of adults, both male and female, desire to be child-free while being sexually active. These younger people do not want children at all. Indeed, one survey from Michigan State University found that over one in five adults has decided not to become a parent. Even more tragic is that this lifelong decision often comes from those in their teens or early twenties—thus indicating it is not a financial problem.

“We found that 21.6% of adults, or about 1.7 million people, in Michigan do not want children and therefore are ‘childfree.’” says study co-author Zachary Neal, an associate professor in MSU’s psychology department, in a university release.

Childfree as a Preferred Lifestyle

This tragic result reflects a culture that makes personal gratification a priority. Today’s potential parents reject family responsibilities to live childfree as their preferred lifestyle. They frequently choose pets over children, with seven in ten Gen Z young adults saying they would rather adopt a pet than have children. These choices are made at an early age suggesting an acceptance of this option in the educational establishment.

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“People—especially women—who say they don’t want children are often told they’ll change their mind, but the study found otherwise,” explains study co-author and MSU psychology professor Jennifer Watling Neal. “People are making the decision to be childfree early in life, most often in their teens and twenties. And, it’s not just young people claiming they don’t want children. Women who decided in their teens to be childfree are now, on average, nearly 40 and still do not have children.”

Over 50 Million People Want to Avoid Parenthood

The study has impressive implications for the nation. Michigan reflects demographic trends found in the U.S. as a whole. Thus, the study’s findings indicate that based on the 2021 U.S. census, some 50 to 60 million Americans want to stay “childfree.” This is a generational trend that will tend to grow.

Prof. Watling Neal concludes by noting the study’s political implications. “Following the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, a large number of Americans are now at risk of being forced to have children despite not wanting them.”

The Michigan study makes it clear that the cause of many abortions is not economic but cultural. Many Americans reject the parenthood option while insisting on remaining sexually active. They do not see the child as a blessing but a burden that prevents their full enjoyment of life.

A Return to Order

Family policy must be fought on the hedonistic battlefield of the culture. Prof. Neal’s study and others like it show that abortion is a moral issue involving decisions that ultimately impact the individual and the nation.

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Financial considerations are important and must be addressed. However, the real issue involves the meaning and purpose of life and its perpetuation. The family and child are at the center of this non-Marxist debate.

Alas, a childfree nation is a dying and joyless one.

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