The ‘Big Bertha’ of Cardinal Brandmüller

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The ‘Big Bertha’ of Cardinal Brandmüller
The ‘Big Bertha’ of Cardinal Brandmüller


We publish below some comments by José Antonio Ureta, which appeared just days ago on the blog of Vatican expert Aldo Maria Valli, regarding the comment of Cardinal Brandmüller about the Instrumentum laboris of the Synod on the Amazon.

Dear Dr. Valli,

Since your blog deals extensively with the Synod on the Amazon, I would like to share some observations about the recent position taken by Walter Cardinal Brandmüller on the Instrumentum laboris. I hope they will be of interest to you and your readers.

With an act worthy of El Cid, Walter Cardinal Brandmüller has descended into the arena by throwing a gauntlet to the organizers of the Synod on the Amazon, and indirectly, to Pope Francis: He has accused the Synod’s preparatory document, the Instrumentum laboris, of none other than promoting heresy and apostasy.

The Heretic Excludes Himself From the Church, “Being Condemned by His Own Judgment”

As in the ancient gladiator shows in Roman arenas, a great noise rises in the galleries as all heads turn, with questioning glances, towards the stage where the authorities preside over the celebration: Will they call some champion aligned with the mystical-eco-indigenous movement to pick up the glove and defend the orthodoxy of their positions and the anathematized working document? Or will they have a big laugh, inviting everyone to continue the party as if nothing has happened? Will they send the Praetorian Guard to take the bold fighter that upset the program prisoner?

No one knows. However, one thing is certain: the debate has reached another level.

Some articles of greater or lesser importance have appeared to alert public opinion about the ongoing offensive found in the first Preparatory Document and the statements made to the press by this or that prelate or representative of the Pan-Amazon Network (a true Wehrmacht of racial/social agitation operating in the region). A site specializing in monitoring the Synod’s preparatory work ( has even posted some most interesting articles that look at the synod from various perspectives: inculturation, environmentalism, indigenous theology, indigenous tribalism, etc. However, these commentaries are like an infantry attack with the help of some mortars.

These Are the Destructive Goals of the Pan-Amazon Synod

What is now being presented is the well-calibrated cannonade by the German Cardinal’s Big Bertha,1 and it has instead opened not one, but several large breaches in the wall of the next Special Assembly of the Synod of Bishops. He shows how:

  • Synod participants are invited to deal primarily with temporal issues that have only a marginal relationship with Revelation and the mission of the Church: deforestation, climate impact, mineral extraction, biodiversity, etc. This is nothing but an unacceptable form of “worldliness” and “clericalism.”
  • Synod participants are invited to praise fetishist religions and healing rituals and to present the Indians who practice them as a model of the relationship with the cosmos and with God, the Father-Mother.

The Pan-Amazon Synod: Towards a New “Church With an Amazonian Face”

  • Synod participants are invited to consider the Amazon forest as a place of divine manifestation and to sing the hymn of adoration to nature that once thrilled National Socialist youths, inebriating them with the prospect of renouncing their individuality in order to merge in the whole (“pan”-theism…).
  • Synod participants are invited to alter the hierarchical structure of the Church and to canonize the abolition of celibacy and the introduction of a female priesthood, starting with deaconesses.
  • In a word, Synod participants are invited to transform the Mystical Body of Christ into a vulgar eco-communist NGO.

As in the parable of the Gospel of Luke, only in reverse, Cardinal Brandmüller, the faithful steward, respectfully presents himself in front of his rich master and accuses him: “You have badly administered the depositum fidei that was entrusted to you. Redde rationem villicationis tuæ” (cf. Lk 16.2).

Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our TimesLearn All About the Prophecies of Our Lady of Good Success About Our Times

The cardinal does not present a dubium. He makes two nuclear-powered statements: “The Instrumentum laboris contradicts the binding teaching of the Church in decisive points and therefore must be qualified as heretical. Given that even the fact of Divine Revelation is here called into question, or misunderstood, one must also speak, additionally, of apostasy.”

Does the Vatican of Pope Francis (or some of his auxiliary forces) have an atomic umbrella that can save the next Synod?

If no paladin should present himself to take up the gauntlet in the coming days, the Special Assembly on the Pan-Amazon region will start with a death certificate. The date of death will be June 27, and it will bear the signature of Walter Cardinal Brandmüller.

More articles related to the upcoming Synod on the Amazon may be found on Pan-Amazon Synod Watch, at


  1. Editor’s note: A 16.5-inch howitzer that was first used by the German army during the First World War. The gun was nicknamed “Big Bertha” by German soldiers after one of its projectiles completely destroyed Fort Loncin during the siege of Liège, Belgium. “Big Bertha” became one of the more familiar terms to come out of the war.

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