TFP Mourns Phyllis Schlafly

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TFP Mourns Phyllis Schlafly
TFP Mourns Phyllis Schlafly

The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) joins in the sorrow of the millions of Ten Commandment Americans who mourn the death of Phyllis Schlafly, 92, founder of Eagle Forum, a champion of the American family, and a leading fighter in the nation’s Culture War.

For seventy years, Mrs. Schlafly towered in America’s pro-family battles. From her champion opposition to the Equal Rights Amendment in the seventies and early eighties, to her decades-long opposition to the legalization of procured abortion with Roe v. Wade, to today’s battle to thwart socio-cultural acceptance of same-sex “marriage,” Mrs. Schlafly ever defended America’s traditional family.

Like TFP members, she was a life-long and dedicated anti-communist.

She defended America’s sovereignty against the liberal effort to surrender the nation, the blurring of its borders and the deconstruction of its heritage, denouncing and clashing against many of the globalists’ efforts to unite all countries in a universal republic. Though as irate as any conservative in this age of growing judicial anarchy, she saw clearer than many the severe dangers to the nation’s survival in the convening of a new Constitutional Convention. While defending government as an institution, she opposed its socialist and bloated version with its crippling tax burden on families and its unnatural usurpation of parents’ rights in the education of their children.

Though the TFP cannot endorse each and every position taken by Mrs. Schlafly in her life-long public activism, we are happy to highlight how she understood clearly and faithfully supported the wisdom of Reagan’s three-legged stool analogy for the conservative movement and its vital need for principled unity. More importantly, Phyllis Schlafly grasped the breadth and depth of the secular battle between a languishing Christian West that struggles to survive and the organized forces hell-bent on its annihilation.

She will be sorely missed in the fighting ranks of all who continue her life-long battle to ensure that America truly be “one nation under God.”


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