TFP Denounces Anti-Catholic Marketing

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Note: The item below deals with a company in the United States and has nothing to do with a company with the same name in Europe.

It is a sad state of things when even a simple trip to the supermarket could be an occasion to view insults ridiculing the Faith. That is exactly what is happening as a leading greeting card company is marketing cards with dirty jokes and cartoons about Jesus, Mary and the Catholic Faith.
In response, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) and its affiliate campaign, America Needs Fatima, announced today the launching of a massive grassroots campaign of peaceful protest and reparation.

The campaign will focus on the New Jersey-based NobleWorks which has released an “extreme” line of cards that it admits will be offensive. Among its blasphemous cards, NobleWorks has a Mother’s Day card showing Mary warning Jesus to wear clean undergarments in case he is crucified! The birthday card selection includes a card showing a priest near a urinal with the sign “holy water” above it. There are even Christmas cards that ridicule the Nativity scene.

“I cannot just sit idly by and let NobleWorks crucify Jesus by selling blasphemous cards in stores all across America,” says campaign director Robert E. Ritchie. “For Catholics in America, this is a question of honor. We must speak out!”

The protest follows in the line of a series of successful peaceful protest against such controversial productions as Dogma and Corpus Christi.

The grassroots campaign launched today will begin with e-mail protests to NobleWorks demanding an unqualified written apology and a stop to cards offensive to Catholics and which are demeaning to and derogatory of the Catholic Faith. Protesters pledge to boycott NobleWorks products.

Similar messages will be sent later through printed protest flyers that will be passed out nationwide. Mr. Ritchie expects to send out hundreds of thousands of these highly effective handouts over the next few weeks.

NobleWorks is promoting an ig-noble card line. I think Catholics are going to react and we will see protest flyers all over the country,” Mr. Ritchie added.

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