TFP Announces “Rally of Reparation” at Copia Museum

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What Napa Valley’s the American Center for Wine, Food and the Arts (COPIA) calls “art,” Catholics across the country consider blasphemy and sacrilege against the Catholic Church and everything it holds sacred. To protest, the American TFP and its affiliate campaign, America Needs Fatima, announced a March 17 rally of protest and reparation in front of the museum.

According to press reports, a museum art titled “Active Ingredients,” exhibit featuring defecating ceramic figurines of the pope, nuns and angels is on display at COPIA! (Associated Press, 1/5/02; Los Angeles Times, 1 /5/02). “We expect to see a large number of people praying the rosary and protesting Sunday at two o’clock in front of the COPIA Museum,” says campaign director Robert E. Ritchie. “Thousands of Catholics appeared for similar protests we organized against the play Corpus Christi and the premiere of the movie Dogma.”

The TFP rally is one more step Catholics can take to let their voices be heard in a peaceful non-violent protest.

“Many people are already excited about the rally,” Mr. Ritchie added. “I can’t think of a better way to show how much we care for the Honor of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.”

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