A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence

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45th Annual March for Life - A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence - 2018
45th Annual March for Life

A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence

On the occasion of this 45th annual March for Life, the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) joins the legions of Americans nationwide who oppose the continued slaughter of innocents through abortion. We stand with those who see abortion as one of a whole spectrum of issues—from the attack on marriage to euthanasia—that is destroying America’s moral fiber.

As we march, we must address new challenges in the face of an America that is increasingly divided and fragmented. Indeed, pro-abortion activists will also be organizing their own counter-marches this year. These marches—like last year’s Women’s March—are displays of rage against traditional morality.

The annual March for Life and the other side’s Women’s March make for a tale of two marches. The future of America depends on which march prevails.

Reasons for Hope

For those who have long fought this important battle, we can look with joy on many victories that are the results of our prayers, sacrifice and efforts. While we have not won the war, neither has the abortion movement. We have won many battles that we were told could not be won.

45th Annual March for Life - A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence
The future of America depends on which of these marches prevails—the Women’s March is a display of rage against traditional morality, while the March for Life seeks to protect the precious gift of life.

Consider this fact. For the first time in decades, the majority of Americans call themselves pro-life. While those who claim this mantle may not be one hundred percent pro-life, it does show that being pro-life has become mainstream. People are no longer afraid of being on the right side. Pro-lifers are now found everywhere, and the pro-abortion movement is on the defensive.

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In 2017, we closed down 21 surgical abortion centers. Since 1991, three quarters of the nation’s abortion mills have been permanently closed. Only 515 of the 2,176 clinics now remain open (http://abortiondocs.org/closed-clinics/). Furthermore, the states have enacted hundreds of anti-abortion laws. Clearly, the other side is retreating.

In these 45 long years, we have legally, peacefully, and prayerfully attacked the Culture of Death on all sides. We have reduced its funding, restricted its movements, laid prayerful siege to its clinics, filmed its lies, counseled confused mothers, set up parallel maternity centers for them, provided ultrasound pictures and prayed in the public square for forty days and nights. We are marching forward, and we thank God for rallying, leading, and strengthening us each step of the way.

The Culture of Death’s “Losing Ever Since”

We must also consider that the pro-life movement has passion. It is full of enthusiastic young people. On the other hand, the pro-abortion movement has lost much of its fire; most of its militant members are liberal politicians, Hollywood celebrities and aging die-hard feminists left over from the sixties.

45th Annual March for Life - A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence
We are marching forward, and we thank God for rallying, leading, and strengthening us each step of the way.

We always had the high moral ground, and by God’s grace, we still hold it. The pro-abortion movement had hoped to make abortion an instrument of women’s so-called liberation. Instead, we have exposed its lies by showing abortion to be a form of cruel slavery. Not only is the pre-born’s fundamental right to life denied, but its body parts are put up for sale in the marketplace. Everyone knows that procured abortion is not a simple surgical procedure, but a sinful decision that is morally indefensible.

The January 14, 2013, cover of TIME said it best: “40 years ago, abortion rights activists won an epic victory with Roe v. Wade. They’ve been losing ever since.”

What It Will Take to Win

Thus, we are winning battles on many fronts, but we must win the war. If we are going to win, it depends on how we march forward in this tale of two marches.

There are three things to consider:

First, we must march straight toward our goal. We cannot water down our message to accommodate politically correct times. Our message must be clear. The only way for America to return to order is a return to God, the Ten Commandments, and Christian morality. We fight not only for life, but for the higher law that defends life, and for the God Who created both life and law. There can be no compromise with the Culture of Death. Legally, peacefully, and prayerfully, we demand its unconditional surrender.

We must never forget that the temptation to water down our message is based on the false assumption that doing so will attract more followers to our cause. However, no one respects those who have no character and betray their principles to gain popularity.

The principal attraction of the pro-life movement is its absolute rejection of the Culture of Death and its non-negotiable commitment to stop the slaughter of America’s innocent.

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Be Passionate About Our Cause

Secondly, we must continue to be passionate about our noble cause. In this struggle between two marches, victory does not necessarily go to the side with higher numbers. Instead, victory depends upon the passion and enthusiasm of those who fight in the ranks. It belongs to those who never give up, and know how to hope against all hope.

This hope attracts people to our cause. It is why so many young people swell our ranks. Our enthusiastic hope exasperates the other side.

Those who object that we are so few do not understand history. The course of history is never decided by majorities but impassioned minorities that influence the majority and win their cause. As impassioned pro-lifers, we have already impacted the debate far beyond the power of our numbers. By staying the course, we are setting up the groundwork for victory.

Thus, we must continue to march with passion and hope. We must never be discouraged by defeat. We must never allow betrayals to shake our determination. We must never be overconfident in victory nor despondent when electoral promises go unfulfilled. We fight for God and His law and must trust in Him alone for the final victory.

Our Action Before Society and God

Finally, we must be convinced that our actions are important in the eyes of society and God. We must never underestimate the repercussion of our actions. Even when it seems that everyone ignores us, we can be assured that our efforts are not in vain. Innumerable are the babies saved by the prayerful counsel outside death mills. When saner times return, and order is restored, future generations will look back on our witness with awe and gratitude.

Every step of our march must be imbued by the conviction that it echoes in history.

We must be further convinced that God looks upon our actions with favor and grace.

Even when it seems that everyone is transgressing God’s law and sin and iniquity abound, we must confide that our actions are precious in His sight. The actions of faithful souls often secure God’s interventions and inspire great conversions. If it is true that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire because of their sinfulness, it is also true that this only happened because Lot looked in vain for ten just men whose faithfulness would ward off the deserved punishment. Our fidelity in these times of general apostasy can represent the “ten just men” God is looking for to spare America from total ruin.

45th Annual March for Life - A Tale of Two Marches: Reasons for Hope and Confidence
We have every reason to hope and confide in God’s merciful intervention.

Thus, when we march this year, we have every reason to hope and confide. In this tale of two marches, our love for God must exceed their rejection. Our obedience to His Ten Commandments must be stronger than their surrender to sin. Our confidence in God’s merciful intervention must be greater than their rage and despair.

How we march will decide the victory.

The American TFP calls upon all Americans to march for a return to order. As practicing Catholics, we are confident that God and His Blessed Mother will come to the aid of those who rally to their cause. We confide in the triumph of Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart, promised a hundred years ago at Fatima.

January 19, 2018
The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP)



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