Taking a Stand at Gettysburg College

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Taking a Stand at Gettysburg CollegeOn October 15, 2007, TFP Student Action volunteers came to Gettysburg College and distributed flyers alerting students and faculty to the threat communist China poses both to the West and the Chinese people.

The flyer, titled “Warning: Made in China” documents the tragic reality of the communist regime. Grave human rights violations are common, such as forced abortion to enforce the “one-child policy” and slave-like working conditions. Bad policy and industrial practices long since banned in the West have led to environmental disaster. Food products bound for American markets have consistently contained all sorts of banned chemicals and pesticides, harmful bacteria, and carcinogens.

Students who follow world events and American relations with China were supportive of the campaign. “Very informative article” said one student returning from lunch. “I’m going to research it more now. Thank you.”

The issue of China, especially with the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the horizon, will only become more important. May God protect our nation and the Chinese people from the communist threat.

To see how one liberal student praised mass-murderer Mao, click on the movie icon below.

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