Is This Election a Last Hurrah?

Many are attempting to make sense out of the present election cycle and especially the appearance of unconventional political outsiders that are dominating the headlines and in some cases the polls. Everyone seems to agree that the system doesn’t work … Continue reading

What We Can’t Not Know

In a world where baby body parts are bought and sold and marriage has been redefined, it is urgent that we reaffirm that there are certain broad, moral truths that we can’t not know. It needs to be said and … Continue reading

Thoughts on the Resignation of Benedict XVI

On February 11, feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes, Pope Benedict XVI announced to the Consistory of Cardinals and to the whole world his decision to resign from the Papacy. The announcement was received by the Cardinals, “almost in … Continue reading

The Dictatorship of Equality – A Catholic Perspective

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