Support Lithuania in its Fight for the Family

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Nearly twenty years ago, a tiny Catholic nation was threatened by a huge confederation of “republics” which tried to take away its sovereignty and freedom. The nation was Lithuania and the confederation was the Soviet Union. Soviet tanks entered the defenseless nation and tried to suppress it. With the moral support of millions in the West, the brave nation resisted.

Today, that same nation faces a similar threat. It is not the Soviet Union but the European Union that is trying to take away its sovereignty. The reason for the attack is its defense of Catholic morals. Today, this nation needs moral support and the American TFP is joining efforts to show support for the tiny Baltic nation.

On September 17, the European Parliament voted 349 to 218 to condemn Lithuania for its “law on the protection of minors,” a measure which prohibits the promotion of “homosexual, bisexual or polygamous relations” among children under 18. The domestic legislation of a sovereign member state of the Union is being called to task.

Lithuania’s Parliament passed the child protection legislation in June. Fearing criticism from the Western European politicians and the homosexual lobby, the president vetoed it. In July, Lithuania’s parliament overrode the veto and the law will take effect in March 2010.

In 1990, the TFPs around the world collected over five million signatures in support of Lithuanian freedom. Now the American TFP is asking its supporters to send a message of moral support to Speaker of the Lithuanian Parliament, The Honorable Irena Degutiene congratulating the Parliament for its moral courage.

The original proposal of condemnation would have initiated proceedings to suspend Lithuania pursuant to article 7 of the Treaty on European Union. However, more “moderate” members, including fellow Catholic members, voted for a slightly milder censure. The condemnation ramps up the pressure on all Catholic states to bend to the pressure of pro-homosexual political groups that are pushing for ever more radical reforms.

Please click here to send your message of support to the Lithuanian Parliament Speaker.

Many have taken the Lithuanian move as a sign of what is in store for Ireland if it votes to ratify the Lisbon Treaty. Irish conservatives have listened with great skepticism to assurances that Catholic morals would not be challenged in the new European Union after the treaty is signed. This example, so close to the referendum, is a chilling sign of the pressure all Catholics will face.

That is why it is important to send your message of support to Lithuania. Click here to do this right away!

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